What Accessories do you need for recurve bows | A Complete Guide

There are many recurve bow accessories to make your archery perfect. They help not only in making the work easy but also provide extra comfort to archers. They have different kinds of uses and can be used for practicing various kinds of archery.

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With the advancement in technology, old and traditional archery has also changed a lot. Modern and more convenient ways are now being introduced in the world of archery to make the life of archers much more accessible and to enhance the overall quality of archery.

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In this article, we are going to familiarize you with such beneficial and compulsory recurve bow accessories that will make your shooting and hunting experience effortless and more satisfying. Here we are talking about recurve bows which are the only types of bows allowed in the Olympics.

Archers use highly equipped recurve bows, so it is necessary to have proper knowledge about all such accessories that you can use with your recurve bow. So let’s start the list of these must-have archery accessories that we have picked out for you. This equipment will help beginners as well as advanced-level archers.

Recurve bow Sight:

Do you want to achieve an extra level of accuracy in your shooting and hunting games? Well! In this case, a bow sight is a must-have archery accessory for you. It provides you with the precision that is required to aim the target with perfect accuracy.

Besides instinctive shooting, it is great to use sights with your bows to have a precise aim. Sights prove to be one of the best archery accessories to have a wonderful archery experience. you can have a look at top-rated bow sights that you can use with recurve and compound bows.

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Recurve bow Stabilizer:

All you need is a bow stabilizer to ensure the steady and smooth release of the arrow from your recurve bow. This recurve bow accessory increases the inertia and helps to reduce the vibrations created by your recurve bow. As a result, you have a smooth and steady shot without any hand shock or vibrations. So, if you want to balance the weight of your recurve bow and dampen the vibrations as well, you need to purchase a stabilizer.

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Recurve Bow cases:

A good-quality solid bow case is used to keep your recurve bow and all of your recurve bow accessories safe and sound. You can effortlessly pack your recurve bow in your bow case and then ship it or take it with you during your traveling and hunting journeys. These bow cases ensure the safety and integrity of your recurve bow and other recurve bow parts. These bow cases are also available in beautiful iconic and traditional designs.

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Finger tab or Gloves:

In order to save hands and fingers from potential blisters and cuts, finger tabs or gloves are used by shooters and hunters. These finger tabs are made from leather, and you can also make them at home if you have basic sewing skills.

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It is highly recommended to use these finger tabs or gloves to protect your hands from blisters and to ensure a perfectly smooth arrow release. We can also say that gloves are somewhat a traditional recurve bow accessory as they were even used by medieval archers decades ago.

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Archery Armguard:

Arm guards are a sort of safety band that is either worn on the entire arm or only on the wrists and forearms. The main purpose of this archery equipment is to protect the archer’s skin from hitting the bowstring when it is drawn or released. These arm guards are a traditional recurve bow accessory that ancient medieval archers also used. Arm guards are made from leather and can be very traditional to look at.

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Here are some Best arm guards

The Bow Stringer:

Do you know what the safest way to string your recurve bow is? We remind every beginner that the easiest and safest way to string your recurve bow is by using a stringer tool. They are available at a low price and frequently come along with your overall bow package, so you don’t have to buy them separately. The stringer tool increases the life of your bowstring and saves it from potential damage while stringing it.


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Arrow Rests:

Arrow rests are basically the place where you place your arrows while aiming at the target. Some archers may use their fingers as arrow rests, but that’s not the most reliable approach. One must use arrow rests on making their archery experience more comfy and accurate. Arrow rests are available as fixed and separate types. You can choose the one that suits you the most and meets your requirements. Moreover, fly-away arrow rests are also available in the market.

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Archery Quiver:

Quivers are basically containers used by archers to place arrows in, while shooting, or to hunt instead of placing them on the ground. These quivers save the archers from a lot of inconveniences. Hips are worn around the waist, while some quivers are available that could be attached to the bow. Quivers hold in the arrows and allow you to easily take them out whenever you need to. You can easily buy them online or from any archery store near you. Moreover, some bows already include quivers in their package.

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Bow Silencer:

It is extremely crucial to have a dead silent recurve bow while hunting. Otherwise, you may end up alarming the animals. Furthermore, some shooters also prefer super quiet bows that do not make noise. As the name pretty much explains, the functionality of this recurve bow accessory. You can use silencers to quiet down the noise of your bowstring. This archery equipment is really useful and serves a great purpose in making your shooting and hunting experience even comfier.

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Archery Target

Of course, you cannot practice shooting without having something to aim and shoot your arrows at. Targets are a must-have recurve bow accessory to practice and master the art of field shooting. You can place the targets at your desired distance and then aim at them. Moreover, you can also create a target of your own using hay or buy them at the archery stores nearby you. Targets could be as simple or as fancy depending upon your choice.


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It is another archery accessory that is overlooked by many shooters and hunters. The main purpose of this recurve bow attachment is to align the arrow at the center of the recurve bow while aiming. Moreover, the plunger provides support for the straight flight of the arrow when it is released.

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Bowstring wax:

Bowstring wax is one such archery equipment that many archers may neglect. But a detail-oriented shooter and hunter know that taking proper care of your recurve bow and bowstring is equally important. This bowstring wax is very cheap to buy and is easily available at all the archery stores nearby you. Lubricating your bowstring with the wax will enhance its life span. It is recommended that you wax the string every 2 to 4 weeks.

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Arrow Puller:

It is an unusual tool that allows you to grip the arrow and pull it out without directly using your hands. This further ensures that your hands stay protected from blisters while pulling the arrow out of the target.

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A- If you are a beginner or a recreational shooter, you can use simple plastic arrow rests. But if you have an Olympic-style recurve bow and look for something more reliable, you must opt for metallic arrow rests.

A- No, it is not necessary to use stabilizers with your recurve bow. However, the stabilizer enhances the quality of your archery experience and is used by almost all professional shooters and hunters.

A- A bow silencer is a piece of extremely useful archery equipment that dampens the noises made by the bowstring while drawing the arrow. It is highly preferred by hunters who want their bows to be super quiet while hunting animals.

A- To string and unstring your bowstring, it is highly recommended to use a bow stringer tool. It is because it is the safest method and enhances the life of your bowstring. Moreover, stringers are available at a very low price.

A- A cushion button refers to the plunger tool. It serves two purposes when used with a recurve bow. One is that it aligns the arrow at the center of the recurve bow, and the second is that it provides support for the straight delivery of the arrow.

A- No, instinctive archery-only relies on the eyesight and basic instincts of an archer while taking an aim.


This modern age has brought a lot of revolution in the traditional and instinctive archery world with its amazing top-notch archery accessories. These recurve bow accessories are being used by shooters and hunters all around the world. Moreover, These accessories not only assist you but also increase the overall satisfaction level of archers. So, we really hope that this article has managed to help you in deciding what accessories you need and what their functionalities are.

Best of luck!

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