Best Recurve Bow For Hunting |Complete buyer Guide 2022

You must be an expert-level archer if you are looking for the best recurve bow for your hunting ventures. These recurve hunting bows prove to be your excellent companion while hunting animals in the woods. Hunters are always searching for the best bows present in the market to step up their hunting games.

It could be a tiresome task as there is a flood of hunting bows present in the market right now in 2022, and choosing the best one among these could be time-consuming and would require a lot of research, and not everyone has so much patience.

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Best Hunting Recurve Bows

We are here to make this job seem like a piece of cake for you as we have made a thorough buying guide that includes the world’s best recurve bows for hunting. This checklist will take only a little of your time and will save you from the frenzy. After going through this list, you will feel confident enough and have a clear vision of what qualities your ideal bow must possess and in what range your excellent bow lies. We have discussed the features of each bow in thorough detail for your complete and thorough guide.


bear Archery Grizzly, bear archery bow,grizzly recurve, hunting recurve bow
Bear Archery Grizzly


  • Features: One-piece for big animals
  • Benefits:Legendary bow sturdy and wooden sutable for big hunting games
bear archery,bear archery super kodiac,bear rchery bow, best hunting bow
Bear Archery Super Kodiak


  • Features: Wooden Recurve Bow
  • Benefits: lightweight and Affordable hunting recurve bow
Toparchery 56, toarchery 56 bow,top archery, best hunting recurve bow
Top archery 56


  • Features:  hunting recurve bow
  • Benefits: Performance bow for long practice with matalic riser

Let us begin

Bear Archery Super Kodiak – Top-notch | Hunting Recurve Bow For Big Animals

bear archery,bear archery super kodiac,bear rchery bow, best hunting bow, best hunting recurve bow

The legendary Bear Archery family has earned its name because of the particular type of bows that they manufacture. Kodiak comes from a very famous heritage and has replaced many other legendary hunting recurve bows of its lineage. It has stood out for so many reasons that we will share with you in this review.

It is considered one of the finest and smoothest hunting recurve bows till today. Although it was manufactured a very long time ago, it has still maintained its outstanding reputation.

This masterpiece will undoubtedly make its owner proud of it, and the owner of the Bear Archery Super Kodiak recurve bow will definitely get compliments about this perfect piece of craftsmanship. This bow hunting recurve bow will add tremendous value to your arsenal.


This is not for a small animal bow but It is mega hunting recurve bow that has been used for hunting lions, grizzly bears, deers, and other big animals for a long time. It slings an arrow with a lightning bolt speed that hits its target with perfect precision.

furthermore this traditional recurve bow gives you a feel of royal archery with its conventional and solid good looks. This bow is not a new one in the market and it is ruling the hunting market for quite a long time now.

Super Kodiak is an exotic recurve bow that gives an excellent performance, and its looks are of a piece of art. It is part of the arsenal of many great and legendary archers, and they present it proudly. It fits like an extension to your hands and arms, and this feature makes it very comfortable and gives you an ergonomic grip.

Built Quality:

bear archery,bear archery super codiac, bear archery super Kodiak bow,best hunting recurve bow
  • It comes with a Flemish Twist String 
  • Fast arrow sling
  • Dead silent
  • Smooth draw
  • Draw weight: 35 lbs to 65 lbs are available
  • Exotic and Traditional appearance
  • Suitable for hunting in big games
  •  Can’t mount a sight
  • A bit pricey

This amazing hunting recurve bow comes with a solid maple wood riser that is of black and brown color and adds ferocity to the looks of this bow moreover, premium quality wood is used to manufacture its limbs, and fiberglass is also used that adds to its durability also it has lovely and shiny limbs with black stripes on them which make it looks beautiful bow.

This bow is of a medium length of 60 inches, making it easy for the shooters to be accurate each and every time. Its draw weight ranges from 35 lbs to 65 lbs which is pretty good as 40 lbs is considered a starting draw weight for hunters.

Super Kodiak recurve bow does not create any noise or vibrations whatsoever and remains dead silent, which is an excellent quality, especially when hunting animals in the woods. Even a little noise or vibration can alert them.

It is available for right-hand and left-hand users. This hunting recurve bow is going to give you a draw as smooth as butter and as precise as a hawk. This bow screams authority and power. Flemish Twist String is also included in the complete package of this great hunting bow, which is also of excellent quality.

It gives the hunter a feel of sheer power and authority that is very overwhelming and will boost your confidence level.


We have presented you a legendary recurve hunting bow from the famous Bear Archery manufacturers who crafted this masterpiece a long time ago. But with its traditional beauty, firmness, smoothness of shoot, it is still ruling the archery world.

It comes with a premium quality Flemish string that gives you a very smooth and accurate shot each and every time. Holding and shooting with this masterpiece will give you a feel of sheer power and will boost your confidence in big hunting games when you are out to hunt grizzly bears and lions. This mighty recurve bow is what they mean while calling archery a royal hobby and best for hunting. Did you ever use recurve crossbows? you should have a look at our latest reviews for top-rated crossbows collection.

SAS Courage | Great Starter’s Hunting Recurve Bow

sas courage hunting recurve,sas courage recurve bow,sas courage, hunting bow
  • Takedown bow
  • Very cost-effective
  • Fast arrow speed
  • Wooden bow
  • A great starter’s bow
  • Trusted manufacturers
  • Not compatible for Flemish strings
  • Not for big hunting games

On the second place in our list, we have added another hunting recurve bow that is the epitome of a perfect piece of craftsmanship. Its bow from the SAS(Southland Archery Supply) family is a very trusted Archery manufacturing company and it’s famous among archers worldwide because of their top-notch products available in an affordable price range.


SAS Courage recurve bow’s draw weight ranges from 35 pounds to 65 pounds, and you can select the draw weight according to your body frame and skill level. It ensures the speed of the arrow to hit the target is very fast.

Most people generally assume that you can only get high-quality archery bows at a very high price, but this assumption becomes false in this case. Because this recurve bow is very low on the price range, but simultaneously it ranks very high on the quality range.

Furthermore, this is an excellent choice for hunting in the woods or practicing in your backyard to polish your skills. It will be an ideal bow for you if you are looking for a bow from a trusted company and want to invest your money wisely.

Built Quality:

The riser of this hunting recurve bow is very durable and feels excellent in your hands with a firm grip. Its riser is made up of solid wood and also includes makore, laminated bintagor, and chuglam. However, it does not come with pre-drilled bushings for fitting accessories like stabilizers, plungers, finger savers, etc. It is light in weight hence suitable for your long practice sessions.

SAS Courage’s limbs are made up of laminated maple wood with a black fiberglass finishing that gives them a very sleek look. It comes for both right and left-handed persons. it is an excellent choice for instinctive shooting and ensures accuracy with great precision. However, its limb tips are not compatible with using high-quality strings like Flemish, and it is a bit downfall as the experts may want to swap to upgraded limbs.

This is a takedown recurve bow and could be carried around the woods during your hunting ventures or while traveling. It is advisable to unstring the bow when you are not using it and string it only when using it.

It comes with the ease of assembling and disassembling, unlike some other traditional hunting bows that are difficult and technical to assemble and cause trouble to their users.

Good Choice:

It is considered a good starter recurve bow for hunting in the woods and practicing in the backyard if you want to improve your mistakes. However, it is not a type of bow you will take out in your big hunting competitions. This bow is not observed to be very noisy, and its quietness could be further improved by using noise and vibration dampening technologies.

Southland Archery Supply is a company that takes outstanding care of its customers and provides excellent customer service. Courage also comes with a warranty from its manufacturers.


SAS Courage will be your choice if you are looking for decent hunting recurve bow as a starter. It will also be your great companion if you want to level up your hunting game by practising a lot in the woods or in the backyard. It comes from a trusted manufacturing background and will not disappoint you with its accurate and fast shots. Moreover, it is very affordable and does not dig a hole in your wallet.

Keshes | Best Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow

Keshes recurve bow,Keshes bow,keshes bow review, best hunting recurve bow
  • Takedown bow
  • Lightweight
  • Pre-installed bushings for fitting extra accessories
  • Upgradeable
  • Ergonomic grip
  • 100% guaranteed from manufacturers with a return policy
  • Extra accessories are included
  • Draw weight: 15 lbs to 60 lbs
  • The bow could be ordered for right hand or left-hand orientation
  • Cost-Effective
  • No noticeable scams are detected in this bow

Next in line is another takedown and durable hunting recurve bow that is very famous among archers because of its extraordinary performance and supreme quality. It is a lightweight wooden bow from trusted manufacturers. Like all other significant and modern bows, it is also a takedown for your ease to take it with you in the woods.

Built Quality And Performance:

It has a diverse range of draw weights starting from a minimum of 15 pounds and going up to 55 pounds. This diverse range of draw weights makes it an ideal bow to use not only for starters but also for advanced-level archers. Starters and less skilled can select a lower draw weight initially. With time, as their skill level improves and they overcome their mistakes, they can upgrade their draw weights on this KESHES takedown. KESHES bow saves archers from the expense of having to buy a new upscale level bow.

kashes,kashes recurve bow,hunting recurve bow

Its riser has rounded edges to make it even more comfortable and lightweight while shooting. This wooden riser makes KESHES lightweight and durable for prolonged use with comfort and ease. moreover, it gives you an ergonomic grip to avoid any discomfort if you get sweat on your palms. Hence, it is easy to use and easy to balance.

Its additional feature is that this bow comes with pre-installed additional bushings made from brass and these bushings are also of good quality and are long-lasting. moreover, you can fit any extra extensions like plungers, stabilizers, finger tabs, sights, and others in these bushings.

Design and looks:

Another great and unique feature of this recurve bow is that its orientation could be ordered either to the right-hand and left-hand sides. This feature makes it usable for right-hand users and also for left-hand users if you have any in your family or friends circle.

Talking about its overall appearance, it is simply a beautiful piece of craftsmanship and will add tremendous value to its owner’s arsenal and make its owner proud of it with its extraordinary performance. Furthermore, it comes with 16-strands Dacron strings and it has a durable and lightweight wooden riser.

Good for target shooting and hunting:

This hunting recurve is an excellent pick for target shooting or going hunting in the woods. moreover, It has wooden limbs with impressive fibreglass finishing that makes the overall look of the bow beautiful and sleek. It comes with additional accessories like finger savers, arm guard, arrow rest, and sights. These added modern accessories enhance the performance of the bow and make it very accurate and precise.

Manufacturing Guarantee:

One thing that stands out the most about this hunting recurve bow is that its manufacturers give a 100% guarantee and this earns them an outstanding level of trust from the customers. moreover, customers can choose this recurve bow without a doubt about its quality or performance and invest their money wisely.

Assembling this bow is made easy by providing a stringing tool that makes it extremely easy to assemble the bow, even as a novice. A step-by-step assembling manual by the manufacturers is also provided.


If you want to spend your money wisely without a fragment of doubt in your mind about the quality and performance of the bow, then the KESHES hunting recurve bow is going to be your excellent choice. It is going to be your risk-free and durable companion during your target Shooting and hunting ventures. You will feel very comfortable while shooting with its ergonomic grip and it will surely enhance your overall shooting experience. This is one of the best hunting recurve bow in the market.

PSE NIGHTHAWK | Best Traditional Hunting Recurve Bow

pse nightwawk, pse nighthawk recurve, best hunting recurve

  • Entry-level bow
  • Durable riser
  • Wooden bow
  • Traditional good looks
  • Takedown bow
  • A bit pricey
  • It comes for right-hand users only
  • Its limbs are not compatible with Flemish strings

This traditional hunting recurve bow has an awe-inspiring name, and it has an equally impressive appearance. It is considered one of the newer hunting recurve bows present in the market. It gives you a feel of old times when bows were a primary hunting weapon with their traditional good looks and competed with modern age bows with their exclusive features.

Built Quality

It is a takedown recurve bow and is gorgeous to look at. This is a 62″ inches long wooden bow, and it is crafted from beechwood and walnut that adds to its durability. furthermore, it gives an outstanding ergonomic grip on the riser that makes holding and using the bow very easy.

It gives you the facility of adding up accessories through its accessory pouches that can fit in the plunger, arrow rest, and other extras of this type. This type of entry-level bow doesn’t come with sights, so you must use your instincts to get a perfect shot. This bow, however, gives very accurate and precise results because of its easy to use.

pse nighthawk,pse nighthawk bow

Pse nighthawk’s riser is very durable and made up of hardwood with a very polished and smooth finishing that gives it a black and yellow color. this hunting recurve bow is easy to assemble without any technicality, unlike some other traditional hunting bows that are hard to build.

one of the main features its limbs are also wooden with fibreglass laminations, making it light in weight and an ideal pick for practising shooting for a long time so that newbies in archery can correct their mistakes and improve their skills. However, if you want to upgrade to Flemish or Fast Flight strings, this bow will not be an ideal choice for you.

Point to be Noted

one thing that needs to be mentioned here is that there are many carbon copies of the legendary Samick Sage present in the market, and Pse nighthawk recurve bow also has a lot in common with the famous Samick sage that is considered the best recurve bow for novices. However, it has threaded screws on the limbs, unlike the sage. And as compared to the Samick Sage, it is very new in the market.


It has several pre-drilled bushings for fitting modern accessories and these extra bushings add to the accuracy and precision of the bow. moreover, this hunting recurve bow is observed to be very quiet and not noisy at all. However, some archers like to add a silencer to their bows to make them super quiet, especially when hunting animals in the woods.

It comes only for right-hand users, and lefties can not enjoy hunting with this fabulous recurve bow. Pse nighthawk is considered to be a little more pricey than some other entry-level bows that also come with a complete kit of accessories in this price range. Nonetheless, it is a gorgeous bow and very pleasing to look at.

Its draw weight ranges from 20 pounds to 50 pounds. This range of draw weights makes it ideal for target shooting and practicing hunting in the woods. Just like its name suggests, it gives you precision like a hawk, and it is the most crucial characteristic that an ideal recurve bow must possess. we recommend to visit recurve crossbow reviews If you are Passionate about aggressive hunting


If you are looking for a bow that gives you the feel of traditional hunting recurve bow with its good looks and performs like a modern bow of this age, then NIGHTHAWK is highly recommended for you. It is a gorgeous takedown hunting bow that will add significant value to its owner’s arsenal and will look very classic in the hands. It ensures a very accurate and precise shot, especially by adding extra accessories to it. However, it comes only for right-hand archers.

SAS Spirit 66’’ | High-Performance Hunting Recurve Bow

spirit 66,spirit 66 recurve,spirit 66 bow, best recurve hunting bow
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Unbreakable
  • For both right hand and left-hand users
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Draw weights: 20 lbs to 60 lbs
  • Three years warranty
  • Not suitable for shorthand people in holding
  • Low draw weight range

Southland Archery Supply Spirit is a big name in the world of archery, and they have maintained their great reputation with the passage of time. The origin of SAS Spirit 66’’ is also this trusted manufacturing company whose models have passed the tests of time.

SAS Spirit has various size modifications, but the one we are going to review right now for you is SAS Spirit 66 inches best for recurve bow for hunting because it has gained mostly five-star reviews from the archers and hunting lovers and has passed the test of times with its superb performance.


Its unique features and remarkable performance capability have made it a worthy candidate in our list of best hunting recurve bows. One of its top features that stands out the most is unbreakable, and it is very famous for its vigor.

Sas Spirit will be your perfect weapon during your long practice sessions, as this recurve bow will give you a lot of room to practice new shooting techniques and learn from your mistakes without the fear of damaging the bow. The manufacturers give this guarantee that this bow will last you for years and years. Even if you use it on a daily basis, it will remain indestructible.

Built Quality:

Its limbs are made from supreme quality maple woods that are found in the forests of Asian countries. Its durability and flexibility are further enhanced by using fiberglass laminations. When talking about the build of its riser, which is also wooden and made of three types of solid woods, including chuglam, beechwood, and Arborea, these woods also come from Asian woods and give this bow a pale yellowish coloring and add to its beauty.

The range of its draw weights is from 20 pounds to 60 pounds. This makes it suitable not only for hunting small animals but also for having backyard shooting fun with your family. As the bow is takedown, and its limbs and riser are detachable.

This makes this recurve bow easy enough for you to pack if you want to take it in the woods or want to take it with you during travelling. However, it does not come with any extra accessories.

For both hand side users:

Sas Spirit 66 is available for the right-hand and left-hand archers moreover it works exceptionally well for those under 6 feet of height. It is not very noisy or vibrational. and it has a simple design, yet it looks very classic and durable.

Best for Tournaments:

This type of recurve bow is suitable for tournaments, competitions, and archery events like Olympics because they give excellent performance and never disappoint you. It performs like the first-class bows, but unlike them, it is not very pricey and hence proves to be a wise investment. we recommend this recurve bow to try it for hunting for fast performance


If you are looking for durable, sturdy hunting recurve bow that will not shoot a hole in your wallet? So SAS Spirit 66’’ meets your exact criterion. It is a flexible and easy-to-balance recurve bow and would prove to be your great companion in prey hunting, archery tournaments, and hunting competitions. moreover, it comes from trusted manufacturers who give a three years warranty for this product. This bow is a good choice not only for beginners in the sports of archery but also for hunting professionals.

Southwest Tigershark | Wooden recurve bow

best hunting recurve bow,Tigershark recurve bow, hunting bow
  • Takedown bow
  • Wooden recurve bow
  • A diverse range of draw weights
  • Smooth draw
  • Affordable
  • One year warranty
  • The string provided is not of premium quality

At the top of the list, we present you with a masterpiece that belongs to the famous and legendary Samick Sage family. As a hunter, you must be familiar with this masterpiece.

Tigershark is manufactured by a USA-based Archery company called Southwest Archery that has a high reputation among archers.

It is wooden hunting recurve bow, and like all other premium quality wooden bows, it is also manufactured from four types of supreme quality woods that add to its durability


These woods include Tigerwood, White Oak, Dymond wood, and Padouk. Wooden bows are generally light in weight as compared to metallic bows. Its lightweight makes these recurve bows easy to handle and easy to balance. Moreover, they are observed to be more accurate and precise.

Draw Weight:

It has a diverse range of draw weights starting from a minimum of 20 lbs and going up to 60 lbs. However, you need to select a draw weight of a minimum of 40 poundage to excel in your hunting games. It is available for both right and left-hand orientations. moreover, it is durable and its high quality will never disappoint you; and with proper care and usage, this hunting recurve bow can accompany you for a lifetime.

Built Quality and Performance:

Tigershark hunting recurve bow is lovely to look at, and its good looks are a unique feature inherited in all the bows in the Tiger series. Its limbs are exceptional and give a very smooth and flawless draw. moreover, they comprise maple wood and fibreglass laminations that enhance their flexibility.

hunting recurve bow,south archery, tigershark bow

This hunting bow comes with Dacron string and is also compatible with Flemish string if professional archers want to swap it. It offers a firm and comfortable grip on the riser.

Good for Budget:

Tigershark recurve bow is of an affordable price, but that does not mean that its quality is compromised in any way. furthermore, it comes with threaded bushings for fitting accessories like plungers, stabilizers, or sights and has a pre-installed arrow rest.


This best hunting recurve bow has proved itself to be highly accurate even if you shoot instinctively. It makes it very easy to reach precision with every shot. moreover, it remains durable for an extended period if handled with proper care. This bow also has pre-drilled points in case you want to attach any extra accessories with the bow.

Costumer support:

Southwest Archery provides excellent customer care services, and this product comes with a one-year warranty as well. The only shortcoming in otherwise this marvelous bow is observed to be its cheap Dacron string.

Little vibrated:

Tigershark is not observed to be very noisy but it just created small vibrations while releasing the arrow, which is another plus point because staying quiet and hidden is very important while hunting animals.

It is a good and wise choice for beginners as well as expert-level hunters. Its lightweight makes it easy to practice with for a long time without experiencing any soreness in the muscles moreover it is a takedown recurve bow that means its risers and limbs could be separated. This makes it easy for you to take it with you on your hunting ventures.

Easy to Assemble:

Another fantastic feature of this hunting recurve bow is that, unlike some other takedown bows, this bow is found to be very easy to assemble and disassemble even for novices and comes with a complete guidebook.


Southwest Archery is renowned for providing outstanding products in archery, and Tigershark recurve bow for hunting is unmistakable one of the bows they must be proud of. This hunting recurve bow offers value to its users. Furthermore, Tigershark has an impressive and sleek appearance, provides a tremendously accurate shot, and is very easy to use. It is a high-quality bow that remains durable for an extended period, and as a cherry on top, it is very cost-effective.

Bear archery Grizzly | One piece Recurve bow For big animals

bear Archery Grizzly, bear archery bow,grizzly recurve, hunting bow
  • Lightweight
  • Wooden
  • Sturdy
  • Excellent for hunting and target shooting
  • Smooth and accurate draw
  • Traditional appearance
  • Weather-resistant
  • A wide range of poundages
  • Not a takedown
  • A little bit pricey

bear archery Grizzly is traditional and potent hunting recurve bow that has been proving itself since 1950. The manufacturer of this recurve bow, Fred bear, did the last design modification in this bow in 1964. Since then, its design has remained intact, and it has never been changed after that.

Build Quality and Performance:

The design and performance of this hunting recurve bow have endured the tests of time. It is also a traditional masterpiece belonging to the famous Bear Archery Family moreover, It is a big name in archery and is famous among shooters and hunters of every skill level.

bear archery Grizzly is excellent hunting recurve bow to shoot with not only in your backyard but also for indoor and outdoor 3D shooting and hunting for animals in the woods. It is called the “working man’s bow” by archers who love this bow.


It has a solid riser made from maple wood, and the shelf of the riser is cut to the center. The finishing of the riser is very traditional. furthermore further it comes with pre-drilled quivers for fitting extra accessories in the bow according to the user’s personal preferences.


The limbs are also made from solid maple wood, and then for more durability, fiberglass is used in their manufacturing as well moreover this recurve bow comes in black color that gives an excellent and authoritative look and its company logo and name are also scripted on it.

bear archery grizzly, recurve bow,recurve bow for hunting,hunting recurve bow


The length of this bow is kept 58 inches, and this length is considered to be not very long nor very short. This length makes the bow a multitasker; it becomes ideal for shooting animals and for target shooting; this length also helps. It works excellent with Dacron Twisted String. However, Its limb tips are not reinforced for Fast Flemish further its draw weight range is from 30 lbs to 60lbs.

Smooth Draw weight:

Shooters and hunters are sure to enjoy its smooth draw. It is available for right-hand and left-hand archers. However, it is not a takedown bow. It is a traditional recurve bow manufactured a long time ago, and at that time, primarily one-piece mighty bows were manufactured.

Wood Quality:

The premium quality maple wood used for its manufacturing is first treated to fill out natural pores present in the woods’ surface, and this treatment also stabilizes the wood. After these pores are filled, the wood becomes much more mighty, and this protects the wood from cracks, and then a Grizzly is crafted from this robust wood.

It ensures a dead silent and vibration-free shot, which is highly recommended for going hunting in the woods as even a little noise or vibration produced from the bow can alert the animals, and they may run away.

Gold Penny Logo:

Another unique feature of this hunting recurve bow is that a gold penny is also designed on that and on this gold penny logo of the company is also engraved. The bear grizzly archery is worth every penny that you pay for it, and it is going to be your great hunting companion for a long, long time.


Every archer who is passionate about hunting must be familiar with the legendary Bear Grizzly archery recurve that is a big name in the hunting world. This recurve hunting bow is traditional and being used for a long time for hunting animals and practicing shooting.

It has an iconic design that adds to its overall classic looks, and it never disappoints its owner with its ultra-smooth and fantastic performance. This bow screams authority and power. Every time you get an accurate and precise draw with this bow, you will eventually fall in love with this piece of art.

Toparchery 53” – Handmade Recurve Horse Bow

toparchery ,toparchery recurve,toparchery 53, best for hunting


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Weather-resistant
  • Takedown bow
  • Metallic riser
  • Dead silent


  • Shows signs of wear and tear over time
  • It is not suitable for a long term use
  • It does not come with any extra accessories

Toparchery is a very well-known brand that has earned a good reputation due to its outstanding bows production and production of accessories for the archery bows as well. Recurve bows manufactured by this company are highly performing, sleek-looking, and very affordable. Compared to the hunting bows of some high-end brands, these are very good for the budget and never disappoint you with their quality and performance.

This list will not be completed without adding TopArchery recurve bows. After testing, we are presenting you with another traditional hunting recurve bow that will accompany you for your hunting ventures.

Built Quality:

It saves you from the difficulty of assembling the bow as it comes already put together. Some recurve bows are very technical to assemble, and a stringer is needed to assemble them. This task is usually very tiresome for the archers. And in the case of this recurve bow, you are saved from this difficulty.

Draw weight:

moreover, Its draw weight range is from 30 pounds to 50 pounds that you can select according to your body frame and skill level. A bow of low draw weight helps you explore your shortcomings and fix them, while a bow of high draw weight may let these shortcomings be, however, if you have developed enough muscles in your upper body and you have plenty of practice, then choosing a draw weight of 40 or more than 40 is suitable for you, especially if you are a hunter.

Its brace height ranges from 16 cm to 18 cm. You have to find your optimum brace height after experimenting in different ranges.


This hunting recurve bow comes with a durable riser that is very firm and sturdy. It has symmetrical limbs. Any type of arrow, wooden or fibreglass, can be used with this bow. However, keep in mind to always select your arrow according to your draw weight. With a bow of low draw weight, use lighter arrows; otherwise, it will affect the performance of the bow.

top archery recurve, top archery bow- hunting recurve

This recurve bow’s draw is very accurate and precise and sturdy, Moreover, its pull is very smooth. A good thing is that It comes for both right-hand and left-hand users.

One more great feature It is tranquil and does not create any noise or vibrations while shooting. This feature makes it an excellent choice for hunters who do not want to create any noise to alarm the animals.

This Hunting recurve bow is very lightweight and easy to carry around as it is a takedown bow. furthermore, it’s travel-friendly and would be your great companion if you go hunting in the woods. It is specially designed to showcase splendid performance in hunting deer, rabbits, and turkey.

This Amazing bow gets most of the compliments because of its good looks, ignored. one more key feature of the recurve bow is it is weather-resistant. which is unusual for a bow of a cheap price range.

Some customers reviewed that this recurve bow starts to show discoloration after some time. It is not suitable for daily shooters who want to shoot more than fifty arrows a day. It is most appropriate for infrequent use. Unlike modern bows of today’s age, it does not come with a fixed rest.


Toparchery handmade recurve is a decent hunting bow that is sturdy and traditional-looking. It is lightweight, quiet, and water-resistant as well. These features make it an ideal pick for going hunting in the woods. Although, it is recommended to be used only occasionally. It is not a bow to have long practicing sessions, which is justifiable because it is cheaper than most bows available in the market.

TOPARCHERY Archery 56″ | Metal Recurve Bow

Toparchery 56, toarchery 56 bow,top archery, best hunting bow
  • Metal riser
  • Takedown
  • Sleek appearance
  • Not available for lefties
  • It does not have an ergonomic grip

We have already reviewed TopArchery recurve bow 53 inches. and here is another hung recurve bow from this same lineage that is also quite famous among archers because of its maximum performance and affordability which makes it good for hunting.

Bows from the TopArchery manufacturers are good for money as compared to other popular brands, and they do not dig a hole in your pocket.

Unlike other recurve bows mentioned in this list, our TopArchery hunting 56 inches comes with a metal riser. This metallic riser is made from aluminium alloy that gives it a lot of durability and makes it extremely sturdy.

Toparchery is a very famous brand that has earned a good reputation due to its fabulous bow production and production of accessories for the bow as well. Recurve bows manufactured by this company are highly performing, sleek-looking, and very affordable.

Built Quality:

Its design and appearance are kept very simple and classic. Its limbs and riser are sleek and come in pitch black color. This bow is not that bad to look at either; it is nicely polished and has a very sleek appearance. It performs equally well for novices and expert-level shooters, and hunters.

Top archery 56, top archery 56 bow,hunting recurve bow

Draw weight:

Its draw weight also comes in a diverse range, and you can select the draw weight of your desired poundage in your bow. It ranges from a minimum of 30 poundage to a maximum of 50 heft. If you select a bow with less poundage, it will be beneficial for you to explore and correct your mistakes. However, if you want to buy this bow for hunting purposes, you will require a minimum of 40 poundage.


Furthermore, its limbs are not metallic; they are wooden and built from solid maple; bamboo wood and fibreglass are also used in their manufacturing. This makes the limbs flexible enough to store energy in them before shooting the arrow. However, it does not offer an ergonomic grip, and you may feel tired after using it for a long time.

It comes only for right-hand archers. Since it is a takedown recurve bow, it is easy to carry around during your ventures in the woods, and it becomes easier to pack it when its limbs and riser are separated. It is ideal if you are looking for a recreational type of archery. It is not pricey at all. In fact, it can give you a lot of fun in very little cash.


Another distinctive feature of this hunting recurve bow is that it comes with a complete satisfaction guarantee. It will be a risk-free purchase and a wise investment because it also comes with one year of warranty.


This hunting recurve bow comes with a Dacron string and this type of string is entirely compatible with this bow and performs well in shooting and hunting small animals like squirrels and rabbits. So next time when you want to exhibit your archery and hunting skills for your friends, don’t forget to take this fabulous with you as this bow will make you proud not only with its stunning appearance but also with its top-notch performance like those costly brand bows.


If you are looking for a decent recurve bow for hunting that is high on the performance scale and low on the price scale, this bow from TopArchery is highly recommended. It will serve you well during your hunting ventures. This takedown recurve bow with a metallic riser is durable and sturdy. Its polished looks complement its sleek design. It ensures that the arrow hits the target accurately each time you shoot it.

Buyers guide:

You must keep the following factors in mind before selecting your recurve bow for hunting :

Draw Weight

Hunting recurve bow requires a heavier draw weight and arrow speed it can hit more forcefully, penetrate easily you should always select your draw weight according to your body frame and skill set. If you have developed enough upper body muscles and have adequate skill and pursue hunting, then the draw weight you select should be a minimum of 40 or more. However, for shooting or practicing archery, you should always go for lower draw weights.

recurve bow draw weight, hunting recurve bow

Bow length

Bow length is the distance between the two limbs of the bow and the draw length, and it means how far the archer pulls back the bowstring back before releasing an arrow.

The chart is given below:


recurve bow draw length char, recurve bow length chart


A bow can be drilled but be careful not to cause any crack or breakage in the wood.

Ideal draw weight for hunting varies for every individual depending upon your muscle strength and skill set. However, a draw weight less than 40 is not suitable for hunting.

A recurve bow with a draw weight of 40 or more is good for hunting

Although there are many options in the market and Bear archery grizzly is the best recurve bow for hunting

Hunting with a recurve bow Its very challenging Sport and need allot of Practice and Perfection


Hunting with a recurve bow is not an easy task but after a lot of practice, you can be a pro-level archer so do practice with a lot of fun with your passion. Archery Hunting is an age-old sport It is the art of capturing animals using a bow and arrow. In this guide, we have thoroughly guided you about the best recurve bows for hunting present in the market. We hope that it helped you!

Best of luck! 🙂

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