Best Takedown Recurve bows & Buyer Guide 2022

Are you interested in buying the best value takedown recurve bows present in the market? If yes, you have chosen the right platform to educate yourself about the best takedown recurve bows ever made. We have organized this precise and thorough list after our extensive research, and our team has put a lot of effort into it.

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Best Takedown Recurve bows

After going through this article, we assure you that you will be confident enough to choose the best takedown recurve bow for yourself all on your own. Moreover, you will be aware of the specific characteristics of each bow and will be able to choose the one that meets your specific criteria. So keep on reading!

List OF Takedown recurve bows

Top Products

deer seeker recurve bow, best takedown recurve bow, best takedown recurve bow, deer huntinf recurve bowKESHES 


  • Upgradeable.
  • Ergonomic grip.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Excellent performance.
pse razor back takedown recurve bow, pse archery takedown bow, best takedown recurve bowPSE Archery Razorback


  • Upgradeable.
  • Ergonomic grip.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Excellent performance.
deer seeker recurve bow, best takedown recurve bow, best takedown recurve bow, deer huntinf recurve bowDeer Seeker 62″


  • Fast arrow release.
  • Fewer Vibrations.
  • Pre-installed bushings.

Lets dive into detailed reviews

1. KESHES | Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow

Upgradeable. Ergonomic grip. Aesthetically pleasing. Excellent performance.

Best take down recurve bow, keshes bow, takedown archery bow, wooden recurve bow

KESHES is famous and well known because of its extraordinary performance and supreme quality, and it is from trusted manufacturers. It is a lightweight wooden recurve bow. Just like most modern and high-performance bows, KESHES is also a takedown recurve bow and gives you the ease to carry it around in the woods.


Its riser is wooden, which makes it very lightweight and easy to balance. However, it is built from supreme quality woods that adds to its durability, and it remains to perform for prolonged use without any signs of wear and tear. Moreover, this bow offers you an ergonomic grip that makes it even more comfortable to hold and shoot with.

It is great to have pre-installed bushings, especially with a wooden recurve bow, because in case you try to drill the bow yourself, it may crack up or break. So it is a desirable feature of KESHES that it comes with these pre-installed brass bushings that can fit in additional accessories like sights, stabilizers, finger tabs, and others.

It is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship and is very pleasing to look at. It adds tremendous value to its owner’s arsenal and makes them proud of it. Its wooden limbs are very impressive with their fine fiberglass finishing.

Moreover, its limbs have specialized bolts that allow effortless changing of limbs if required. Wooden bows are generally considered to be more good-looking and aesthetically pleasing as compared to metallic recurve bows.


Keshes takedown recurve bow comes with a wide range of draw weights that are from 15 pounds to 55 pounds. This range of draw weights shows that this bow is not only suitable for novices but also for skilled archers who can select a high draw weight. It is suitable for novices to select a low draw weight initially and level up their draw weights as they improve their skills.

KESHES is an upgradeable bow and saves you a lot of dollars as you can simply upgrade the draw weights of your existing bow instead of having to buy a new one altogether.


Moreover, an instruction manual is provided by the manufacturers that make stringing the bow seem like a piece of cake even for novices. A stringing tool is also provided that also makes the process effortless. This amazing recurve bow comes with 16-strands Dacron strings.

To earn the trust of their customers and resolve any kind of hesitations, manufacturers provide a 100% guarantee of this product with a return policy as well.

  • Takedown bow
  • Lightweight
  • Interchangeable limbs
  • Pre-installed bushings included
  • Upgradeable
  • Ergonomic grip
  • 100% guaranteed from manufacturers with a return policy
  • Extra accessories are included
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Affordable
  • No noticeable scams are detected in this bow


KESHES is one of the best takedown recurve that is aesthetically pleasing, wooden, and lightweight. It is an excellent choice for beginners and experienced shooters. This top-notch bow has an ergonomic grip and comes with a number of accessories plus pre-installed bushings.

Moreover, it is a risk-free purchase and assures that your overall hunting or shooting experience remains classy and comfy. We highly recommend check it out our best overall hunting recurve bows as well

2. PSE Archery Razorback – Traditional Recurve Bow

Lightweight. Durable. Beginners’ choice. Classic Design.

PSE Archery Razorback  takedown recurve bow, takedown recurve bows, wooden recurve

PSE is a trusted and well-known manufacturing company of archery goods. We have added their Razorback, especially for those who are looking for the best takedown recurve bows that are also traditionally made. It’s lightweight, durable and its classic design will definitely you like. in my opinion, it’s a good choice for beginners, women, and youth.


Three different versions of this takedown recurve bow are created, and specifications related to each one of them are given below:

  • Lil’ Razorback: 48″ bow, Draw weight: 10 pounds@ 24″ (RH only) for kids 7-10 of age
  • Lil’ Razorback: 48″ bow, Draw weight: 16 pounds@ 24″ (RH,LH) for kids 7-10 of age
  • Lil’ Razorback: 48″ bow, Draw weight: 20 pounds@ 24″ (RH,LH) for kids 7-10 of age
  • Razorback Jr.: 54″ bow, Draw weight: 15 pounds@ 26″ (RH, LH) for kids 10-12 of age
  • Razorback Jr.: 54″ bow, Draw weight: 20 pounds@ 26″ (RH, LH) for kids 12-14 of age
  • Razorback Jr.: 54″ bow, Draw weight: 25 pounds@ 26″ (RH, LH) for kids 14-16 of age
  • Razorback: 62″ bow, Draw weight: 15 pounds@ 28″ (RH,LH) for kids 16-18 of age
  • Razorback: 62″ bow, Draw weight: 20 pounds @ 28″ (RH,LH) for kids 16-18 of age


This recurve bow is made from hardwoods that are of supreme quality, and these include walnut, beechwood, and maple wood, etc. However, its limbs are made from fiberglass.

As this is a takedown bow, its riser and limbs could be separated from each other, and this quality makes it lightweight, easy to carry around, and easy to pack for traveling. Moreover, its assembling is made easy without the use of any external tools. It takes only 2 or 3 minutes, which is a very desirable quality, especially for beginners.


Razorback is famous for its traditional good looks, and you can choose it if you are impressed by classic pieces of craftsmanship, and it will definitely add great value to your arsenal.


It is used by novices and seasoned archers for indoor and outdoor archery competitions and tournaments. It is available for left-hand and right-hand archers. Moreover, its reasonable price makes it a wise investment. Every time you use this bow, it amazes you with its accuracy and precision. It is a fantastic choice and highly recommended by our team.

  • Three different versions
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • A good choice for beginners
  • Reasonable price
  • A bit Noisy


PSE Razorback is an ideal pick for hunters and shooters that are looking for a high-performing takedown bow at a very reasonable price. This best takedown recurve bow has traditional good looks and is especially attractive to those looking for something classy.

It comes from trusted manufacturers that provide a 100% guarantee of this product. It comes in three different versions that are suitable for junior to senior archers, respectively.

3. Southwest Archery Spyder Takedown bow – Top-notch Performance

Affordable, Rounded Edges, High-Performance bow.

Southwest Archery Spyder takedown recurve bow, best takedown recurve bow, best wooden bow

Spyder is a well-known name among archers all around the world, and here we are adding one of their best takedown recurve bows to our list. Everybody is familiar with the legendary Samick Sage, and it is a common belief that Spyder is also inspired by Sage and is its carbon copy. The main reason we have added Spyder to our list is that it is robust, lightweight, and precise as well.


Spyder is a wooden recurve bow with a very precise and accurate draw. Extra accessories like stabilizer, plunger, and arrow rest make the overall package very attractive and reasonable.

There are many unique improvements made in the design of this bow, and one of them is the rounded edges of this takedown recurve bow. This technique is used to increase the balance of the bow and to make it even more lightweight.

Its riser is wooden but very sturdy and durable. Dacron strings provided with this bow are of supreme quality, and they are hand-knitted and twisted with perfection. Furthermore, its limbs are upgradeable and are also very durable.

Southwest Archery Spyder takedown recurve bow


It has a wide range of draw weights starting from 20 lbs to 60 lbs, and you can choose the draw weight that is compatible with your physical fitness and your skill level. This range of draw weights makes it suitable not only for beginners but also for experts.

Spyder takedown recurve bow is aesthetically pleasing with its polished finishings. Moreover, it is observed to be unusually quiet, which is a quality often found in high-end bows.


Manufacturers provide a one-year guarantee of this product with excellent customer care services. Spyder is a silent recurve bow, and no archers have reported about it being unusually loud or vibratory.

This quality is appreciable because you must keep your moves dead silent to avoid alarming the animals around when you go hunting. Moreover, the providers offer a one-year guarantee and excellent customer service. we know you definitely need arrows as well with your selected recurve so why not have a look at the best bow arrows which we have reviewed for you after well in-depth research.

  • Affordable
  • Extra accessories are included in the package
  • Rounded edges
  • Lightweight
  • Silent
  • Takedown recurve bow
  • Wide range of draw weights
  • Extra accessories that are included are not of premium quality


Spyder is a high-quality recurve bow and is aesthetically pleasing. Manufacturers provide a one-year guarantee to resolve the hesitations of buyers. Extra accessories are also included that make the overall package very attractive.
It stands out amongst other bows because of its resilience and accuracy. It will be a great choice for anyone who wants to invest wisely.

4. TOPARCHERY 56″ – Classic Design

Metallic riser. Risk-Free Purchase. Classic Design.

TOPARCHERY Archery 56 takedown recurve bow, TOPARCHERY Archery 56, best takedown recurve bow, performance bow

Toparchery is the name of the class and has exceptional quality. We are going to review their toparchery 56″ recurve bow that is known because of its maximum performance capability and its affordability. Bows from this brand are top-performing, but they do not dig a hole in your pocket and save you a lot of money.


This best takedown recurve bow has a metallic riser that is built from aluminum alloy. A riser is considered to be the main core of any bow, and a strong riser means a strong and sturdy bow. Moreover, metallic bows are observed to be way sturdier than wooden ones.

Its limbs are wooden, but they are also sturdy; they are built from bamboo wood, solid maple, and fiberglass. Their wooden texture makes them flexible enough to store a large amount of energy and assure a powerful draw. Unfortunately, this bow does not offer an ergonomic grip, and you may feel a little uncomfortable after extended use.


The durability of TOPARCHERY 56’’ recurve bow mostly lies in the simplicity of its design which is kept very classic. Its limbs are sleek and polished with fine black finishing.


It is a stunner, and you will be proud to use it in your shooting and hunting ventures. Furthermore, it comes with a Dacron string that is of premium quality and performs well with this particular recurve bow. Unfortunately, it is available for only right-hand archers, meaning lefties cannot enjoy archer fun with this bow.


As it is a takedown bow, it gives you the facility to carry it around during traveling and also during your long journeys. You can simply disassemble it and pack it in your backpack effortlessly.


It will be your great companion in your recreational archery ventures and your 3D indoor and outdoor competitions. Moreover, it is a risk-free purchase and comes with a one-year warranty. Its manufacturers value their customer’s satisfaction and trust.


Its draw weight range is from 30 lbs to 50 lbs, and it’s pretty good for beginners to experts. However, it is important to select your draw weight wisely because if you select high poundage as a beginner, it will not give you a lot of room for improving your mistakes and will tire you out after a little time.

But you have to choose a weight range of more than 40 lbs if you wish to use this recurve bow for hunting purposes.

Next time you want to showcase your archery skills, do not forget to use your Toparchery 56″ takedown bow, as it will ensure your success and pride with its top-notch performance capability. Moreover, its sleek good looks will amaze everyone.

  • Metallic riser
  • Takedown
  • Simple and classic design
  • Wide range of draw weights
  • Risk-free purchase
  • It does not offer an ergonomic grip
  • It does not come for left-handers



For those seeking a decent bow that rates high on the performance scale but ranks low on the price rank, then Toparchery 56″ is the right bow for you. Its durability and beauty lie in its simple and sleek design.

A metallic riser makes it very durable and reliable, and it ensures accuracy and precision with every shot. Moreover, it is affordable and a risk-free purchase.

5. Deer Seeker 62″ Takedown Recurve Bow | Extremely Durable

Fast arrow release. Fewer Vibrations. Pre-installed bushings.

Deerseeker 62 Takedown, recurve bow, Deerseeker 62 ,archery bow, wooden recurve

Deerseeker is a trusted manufacturing company of archery goods with experience of more than a decade. Deerseeker is one of those bows whose beauty will leave you awestruck, and you will love to shoot with them. The beautiful patterns drawn on it give it a very raw, solid, and classical appearance. It is sure to give you the feel of arching like you are in old ages.


Its draw weight range is from 30 lbs to 60 lbs. This variety of draw weights that this draw weight is suitable for all beginners, intermediates, and experts. Moreover, this recurve bow could also be used for hunting deer, as the name suggests, and other small animals like elk, squirrels, rabbits, etc. It is a very affordable takedown hunting bow because hunting bows are usually very pricey.


Deerseeker 62 Takedown recurve bow, best takedown recurve bow, Deerseeker 62

Its limbs are made from fiberglass and maple wood, and its riser is also wooden but is extremely sturdy and reliable. Moreover, The riser is made from supreme quality Dymond wood. Its durability lies in the fact that it supports draw weights of a maximum of 60 lbs.

Its design is based on a recurve shape to reduce vibrations as well as to increase the arrow release speed.

Deer Seeker wooden bow has pre-installed bushings to adjust extra accessories of your choice like sights, stabilizers, silencers, etc. A wooden bow should have pre-installed bushings because it saves the bow from breakage or cracking: in case you try to drill it yourself.


Furthermore, its overall kit includes the items like a bowstring, arrow rest stringer, finger guard, arm guard, and Allen key. The Stringer tool makes the assembling seem like a piece of cake and is the safest way to assemble a bow.

At the same time, finger tabs and arm guards protect your hands and forearms from any kind of blisters. It comes with Dacron B-55 strings that perform well. Did you read our reviews for best target archery? have a look at

  • It is available for both right and left-hand archers
  • Reasonable price
  • Fast arrow speed
  • Low vibrations
  • It comes with pre-installed bushings
  • Trusted manufacturers
  • Limbs may show signs of wear and tear



Deerseeker 62″ takedown recurve bow comes from trusted manufacturers and is well-known for the beauty of its design. It is a solid-looking bow that performs equally solid. At a very reasonable price, it possesses a number of top-notch qualities

It is less noisy and has a very fast arrow release. This wooden recurve bow comes with pre-installed bushings and a number of useful accessories.

6. The HYF 58″ Recurve Bow – Flexible limbs

Metallic Riser. Attractive Kit. Reasonable price. Dead Silent.

best takedown recurve bow,HYF 68,HYF 68 hunting bow, metal riser recurve bow, flexible limbs bow

We are presenting The HYF takedown recurve bow that has earned a good reputation amongst some other great beginner’s recurve bows. It possesses a lot of such qualities that make it worthy of being a part of our list.


It has a metallic riser built from aluminum alloy that makes it a very reliable and durable bow. The riser is super solid and offers an ergonomic grip that gives you comfort during a long-term practicing session.


Its draw weight range is from 40 lbs to 50 lbs that indicates that this recurve bow is made especially for shooting and hunting practices by intermediate and expert hunters. Moreover, the bow limbs are very flexible and are made from fiberglass and solid maple wood.

They are bonded with the EA40 glue that ensures that limbs stay intact and do not show any signs of a crack. The upper limb is mentioned with the symbol “8A” and the lower limb is mentioned with the symbol “8B”.

HYF 68 takedown Recurve Bow,HYF 68 , best takedown recurve bow


At a very reasonable price that almost everyone can afford, manufacturers offer a very attractive package with a lot of additional accessories. The overall HYF package includes :

  • Takedown Recurve bow = 1
  • Replaceable Field Points Fiberglass Arrows = 12
  • Recurve Bow sight with sight light = 1 x 5
  • Arm Guard =1
  • Finger Guard = 1
  • Brush Arrow Rest = 1
  • Stringer Tool = 1
  • Allen Key = 1
  • Bowstring Wax = 1
  • Arrow Quiver = 1
  • Rubber stabilizer = 1
  • Arrow puller = 1

As the HYF is a takedown bow, it gives you the ease of packing, storing, and taking it along with you in your backpack during hikes and other ventures. Moreover, it is effortless to assemble and disassemble this best value takedown recurve bow. Even beginners will have no difficulty in putting their parts together when they want to shoot.

This bow is not only for right-handers but also comes for left-and shooters.

  • Affordable price
  • Durable metallic riser
  • Flexible and reliable limbs
  • Attractive package
  • Best takedown recurve bow
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Length = 58 inches
  • Super quiet
  • One year warranty provided by the manufacturers
  • Not suitable for beginners



We highly recommend the HYF 58 inches for intermediate to expert-level hunters who want something really amazing and reliable to shoot with. It gives multi-draw weight options, is sturdy and super quiet. Moreover, it lies in a very reasonable price range but comes with a lot of accessories.

7. Monleap Archery 51″ Takedown Recurve Bow – Handmade

Aesthetically pleasing. Metallic Riser. Ergonomic grip.

Monleap Archery 51, Monleap Archery 51 recurve bow, best recurve bow , Handmade recurve bow

Monleap Archery 51 inches takedown recurve bow is a part of our list because of its remarkable features and exceptional performance capability. It is available in three different draw weights that are 30 lbs, 40 lbs, and 50 lbs. These draw weights indicate that Monleap is a bow for intermediate-level archers and also for professionals who want to try target practice and go for small animals hunting with it.


Like most metallic risers, its riser is also built from aluminum alloy, which adds to its sturdiness and reliability. The ergonomically designed riser feels very comfortable in the hands and is very easy to balance and shoot with. Moreover, the edges of the riser are rounded to make it even more lightweight and comfortable. Its limbs material is strong fiberglass, and they are also quite durable.

Its complete kit consists of :

  • Takedown bow = 1
  • Arm guard = 1
  • Finger tab = 1
  • Bow sight = 1
  • Arrow rest = 1
  • String nocks = 2
  • Target nails = 4
  • Mixed carbon arrows = 6
  • Broadhead arrows = 6
  • Target papers. = 6


This superb recurve bow releases the arrow with a lightning-fast speed, and its accuracy and precision really draw professional archers towards it. Further its quality and durability are tested, and the manufacturers claim that it will stay with you for consistent long-term use if handled with proper care.

Monleap Archery 51, best take down recurve bow,  recurve bow, takedown bow, handmade bow


Monleap is the best takedown recurve bow, and its great quality is that it is very effortless to assemble and disassemble it. It takes just a few minutes. When it is disassembled, it is easy to store and pack. Moreover, it is instructed by the manufacturers to disassemble this recurve bow when not in use.


This bow is available in four different beautiful colors. These are purple, silver, red and black and you can select the one according to your personal preferences. Its overall appearance is quite pleasing and attractive and not boring at all.

Its hand orientation is right, which means you will hold this bow in your left hand and draw the arrow with your right one. Unfortunately, it is not available for left-handers.

  • Extra accessories included in the packag
  • Ergonomically designed metallic riser
  • Rounded edges of the riser
  • Durable
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Available in 4 different colors
  • Fast arrow release
  • It is not available for left-handers



Monleap is a decent choice for those professionals who want to level up their target shooting and hunting game with a lot of practice. With its sturdy and ergonomic design, it will assist you in doing so comfortably for an extended session.

Moreover, the included accessories in the kit will let you start shooting immediately without having to buy any other things. It releases the arrow with lightning-fast speed. It is aesthetically pleasing and available in four different lovely colors.

8. OEELINE Airobow Recurve Hand Made Bow 62″ | Best for budget

Ergonomic grip. Iconic Design. For both left and right-handed archers.

OEELINE Airobow Takedown recurve bow, OEELINE , best takedown recurve bow wooden

This is another addition for those who are down for handmade bows and love the classy looks of them. OEELINE is a very traditional-looking and beautifully crafted recurve bow. Although it is a classic handmade recurve bow and it is a takedown bow. So we can say that it is a fusion of modern and traditional recurve bows.


Oeeline is a wooden bow and handmade from supreme quality maple wood and glass fiber sheets. It is sturdy enough for consistent use. Moreover, the one thing about this bow that is complimented the most is the excellent and comfortable ergonomic grip that makes it very easy to handle and allows it to shoot with unmatchable precision.

OEELINE Airobow Takedown recurve bow, best takedown recurve bow, wooden recurve bow


Its draw weight range is from 25 lbs to 55 lbs which is pretty diverse and makes it compatible for novice to intermediate level shooters and hunters. This best value takedown recurve bow works great for beginners to pros.

Moreover, it comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturers. It is available not only for right-handed but left-handed archers who can also enjoy shooting or hunting with it.

Following items are part of its kit :

  • Archery Bow = 1
  • Bow limbs = 2
  • Bowstring = 1
  • Bow Stringer = 1
  • String Nocks = 4
  • Arm Guard = 1
  • Finger Tab = 1

These extra accessories work as the icing on the cake and make the kit much more valuable and desirable. The finger tab and arm guard allows you to release the arrow from the string without causing any blisters on your fingers or forearms.


While the stringer tool makes the assembling and disassembling of takedown bows a very easy and comfortable process. It is observed that wooden recurve bows are aesthetically more pleasing as compared to metallic bows, and you can get the original Robin Hood to feel from them.

Moreover, wooden bows are also lighter and easy to balance. So you could practice with them for a long time without getting tired or without having any soreness in your muscles.

  • Handmade
  • Wooden takedown bow
  • Lightweight
  • Outstanding ergonomic grip
  • Iconic design
  • It comes with a kit that includes additional accessories
  • Best takedown recurve bow
  • Available for both right-hand and left-hand archers
  • Limbs fitting needs improvement


OEELINE is a fusion of classic traditional beauty and advanced modern features. It is a handmade takedown bow with an appealing design. This archery bow is available at a very reasonable price and offers a wide range of draw weights depending upon your skill level.

It works exceptionally well for novices to pro-level hunters and shooters, and the ergonomic grip that it offers is unmatchable.

9. JEKOSEN Eagle Eye Takedown Recurve Bow – Wooden

Premium Quality Quiver. Ergonomically designed. Wide range of draw weights.

JEKOSEN Eagle Eye takedown recurve bow, JEKOSEN Eagle Eye, best takedown recurve bow

Jekosen is made in Korea and has one of the most unique and appealing designs that you will ever see on a recurve bow. Its wooden riser is made from supreme quality woods, including maple wood, red pear wood, and technological wood.

This 62 inches long takedown recurve bow has limbs made from maple wood and black FRP. Moreover, the limbs fit perfectly well.


Its draw weights are 25 lbs, 30 lbs, 35 lbs, 40 lbs, 45 lbs, 50 lbs, 55 lbs, and 60 lbs. This is quite a wide range and indicates that this bow is an ideal pick for novices to professionals. However, it is recommended that as a beginner, you must always select the lowest draw weight. However, for hunting purposes, as a professional hunter, you must go for a draw weight of more than 40 lbs. It comes with a 14 strand Dacron string that performs nicely with it.

JEKOSEN Eagle Eye Takedown recurve bow, best takedown recurve bow


As Jekosen is a takedown recurve bow, it is easy to assemble when in use and then disassemble it when not in use. It comes with a black quiver in which you can store and pack the bow once you have disassembled it. One year warranty is provided with this product. Moreover, manufacturers provide excellent customer care services.


Its appearance is one remarkable feature, and if you are a beauty lover and like to collect beautiful, classy bows, then Jekosen will be a great addition to your arsenal. The pattern drawn on it gives it a wild, raw and classy look. You will enjoy shooting with it and will be pleased with its looks and its great performance capability. Moreover, this takedown bow is very affordable and will not dig a hole in your pockets.

  • It is available for both right and left-handers
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Wide range of draw weights
  • Premium quality quiver included in the package
  • Affordable price
  • A great choice for beginners to pros
  • A bit noisy
  • It does not have pre-drilled bushings


Jekosen is a Korean-made wooden best takedown recurve bow. It has a very cool and lovely design that makes it stand out amongst other recurve bows. Its riser offers an ergonomic grip, and it is available in a wide range of draw weights.

Moreover, it is available for both right and left-hand archers. Beginners to professionals can all use this bow, and they will surely have a great shooting experience with it.

10. GONEX Takedown Recurve bow – Lightweight

Lightweight. For shooting and hunting. Affordable

GONEX Takedown Recurve bow, GONEX Takedown Recurve, best takedown hunting recurve

GONEX is included in our list of best takedown recurve bows because it is also a great performance capability as a takedown bow. GONEX is lightweight and reliable and will prove to be your great companion during outdoor and indoor shooting or hunting competitions and tournaments.


It comes in a number of draw weights that are 35 lbs, 40 lbs, 45 lbs, and 50 lbs. However, the right draw weight selection depends completely on you, and we cannot emphasize more on the selection of the right draw weight according to your skillset and body frame.


Its limbs are made from premium quality maple wood with a durable fiberglass finishing that makes the bow very sturdy. This is the reason that even after long-term constant use, this best value takedown recurve bow does not show any signs of wear and tear.

It comes with 12-strands Dacron strings that are reliable and compatible with it. It comes with arrow rests and a carrying bag that will facilitate you to pack and carry this bow around with ease and comfort.


Assembling this bow is effortless with the help of an English instructions manual provided by the manufacturers. Even beginners can do the assembling themselves with a little effort.


GONEX is a great choice not only for shooters and novices but also for hunters and experts as well . Hunting bows are usually very pricey, but that’s not the case with GONEX. It is affordable and does not dig a hole in your pocket.


It is not bad to look at either. In fact, it is aesthetically pleasing and will boost your confidence to a large extent when you hold it in your hands. Repairing services are also provided by the manufacturing company in case you accidentally damage or break a part of the bow.


The Plus point Just like other great manufacturers, GONEX manufacturers also provide 24 hours services .

Unfortunately, this great recurve bow is only available for right-hand archers, and left-handers cannot enjoy shooting with it.

  • takedown recurve bow
  • Easy to string
  • Lightweight
  • It can be used for shooting as well as hunting
  • The manufacturers provide excellent customer care services
  • It comes only for right-hand archers



GONEX recurve made its place in our list of best budget recurve bows because of its outstanding qualities, including its durability, sturdiness, and beauty. This takedown recurve is built from supreme quality material, and its performance capability will not disappoint you.

It is not only suitable for indoor and outdoor shooting but is also used by hunters. Moreover, its price range is very affordable, and that is our main preference in this list.

11. Obert Original Black Hunter – German laminate technology

Aesthetically pleasing. Wooden. Reasonable price.

Obert Original Black Hunter take down recurve bow, recurve bow, best hunting recurve bow

Obert Archery Takedown recurve bow is made in China. It is a decent choice for those looking for a takedown bow available at a very low rate but gives a nice performance. We have discussed its salient features here.


Its draw weight range is 30 lbs, 35 lbs, 40 lbs, 45 lbs, 50 lbs, 55 lbs, and 60 lbs. This range of draw weights suggests that beginners, intermediates, and experts could use this bow. However, you must always select a draw weight according to your skill level and also keep your upper body strength into consideration. Otherwise, if you choose a low draw weight, you will not be able to hunt, or if you choose a higher draw weight, the bow will become too much heavy for you, and you will quickly get tired.


Its limbs are extremely durable and built from Bamboo. Moreover, the german laminate technology used to build them makes them extremely tough and resilient to any kind of breakage or cracks.

The wooden riser is ergonomically designed with rounded edges that make it lightweight and extremely comfortable to hold. These qualities add to the value of the Black Hunter Bow. Moreover, its length is 60 inches which is a pretty impressive length for a recurve bow.

As the name suggests, when we talk about its appearance, this best takedown recurve bow comes in jet black color with beautiful patterns drawn on it. These patterns add to its beauty and give it a solid and raw look.


Manufacturers provide superb customer care services and consider their customer’s satisfaction as their main priority. It comes only for right-handers.

  • Wooden
  • Affordable
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Wide range of draw weights
  • Ergonomic design
  • Excellent customer care services
  • Comfortable grip
  • It is not available for left-handers
  • Not very durable for long-term use


Obert Original Black Hunter is a decent recurve bow you looking for something that shoots well and is good to look at but lies in a very low price range. It is made in China, its limbs are generated using German laminate technology, and the riser is ergonomically designed for an extremely comfortable grip. Manufacturers provide excellent customer care services to their customers.

12. SNOW MONSTER 60″ Takedown Archery Recurve Bow – Traditional

Wooden. Ergonomic grip. Durable riser. Matte finishing. For hunting and shooting.

SNOW MONSTER 60 Takedown recurve bow,SNOW MONSTER 60, best take down recurve bow

Snow Monster is another traditional takedown recurve bow that we have added to our list for you. It is a decent performance bow and is very affordable, and will save you a lot of money.


Its draw weight range is quite wide and starts from 30 lbs and goes up to 60 lbs. This suggests that this bow is suitable for target practicing and hunting in the woods. Its limbs are made from carbonized bamboo and glass fiber. The riser of this Snow monster is also wooden but durable. Moreover, it is ergonomically designed and offers a very comfortable grip.


Since it is a takedown recurve bow, its limbs and riser could be separated for storage and traveling purposes. It comes with antler screws that allow you to install them without using any tool.

SNOW MONSTER 60 Takedown recurve bow, SNOW MONSTER 60 , best takkedown bow, best take down recurve bow

This makes the bow convenient to assemble. With its fast arrow release and precision, it will be great for target shooting and hunting training. Moreover, it is very comfortable to hold and easy to balance, which makes it suitable for long-term sessions.


Snow Monster comes in four different cool colors, among which you can choose the one that appeals to you the most. Moreover, several patterns are drawn on it that adds to its traditional looks.

It does not appear to be glossy. Rather its finishing is matte that prevents refraction of light while hunting in the woods, and this prevents from alarming the animals.

Manufacturers provide good customer care services.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Sturdy
  • Comfortable grip
  • Available in 4 different colors
  • Fast arrow speed
  • It is available only for right-handers
  • It was observed that a few orders had missing items



Snow Monster is a decent recurve bow that has traditional good looks and a durable wooden riser. It is easy to store and carry around during shooting and hunting ventures. This wooden bow lies in a very affordable price range.

If you have any hesitations or queries, you can freely contact the manufacturers, and they assure you to provide your 100% satisfaction relating to the product.


In this article, we have guided you about takedown recurve bows present in the market. We have tried our best to provide you with complete and thorough information regarding every aspect of takedown recurve bows, whether price, assembling, performance, or appearance.

We hope that now you will be confident enough and clear enough to know which best takedown recurve bow from the list above meets all your requirements and is up to your criteria. After these Detailed reviews, we really hope that now you will select your recurve bow wisely and will have great fun while shooting with it!

Best of Luck!


Yes, some of the takedown recurve bows that have traditional looks are:
Deerseeker, Jekosen, Oeeline etc.

Beginner takedown recurves bows include:
PSE Archery Razorback, The HYF, Jekosen, Oeeline, etc.

The safest way to assemble a takedown bow is with the help of a stringer tool. It only takes a few minutes and is effortless. Most of the manufacturers provide stringers with the kit.

The safest way to assemble a takedown bow is with the help of a stringer tool. It only takes a few minutes and is effortless. Most of the manufacturers provide stringers with the kit.

For hunting purposes, you can choose the Keshes takedown recurve bow, which is one of the best for hunting.

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