10 Best Recurve Bows | for Traditional & Modern Style Archery

looking for the best quality and performance bow? The Recurve bow is a great option for those who want to get into archery, and it offers more customization.

So If you’re looking at buying for your first best recurve bow in 2022 or you are an advanced level archer and just need some help deciding between different styles which one you should buy?

Then look no further because we’ve got this shortlisted with our favorites among top-rated models. You will get all you need from traditional to modern Style recurve bows.

a man shooting a recurve bow to Target , Best recurve bows overall

Why recurve bow? This Question can pop up in your mind if you are a beginner. So Everything that we learn naturally makes us more confident and expert in that field. Recurve bow is a part of traditional archery but in a modern style which gives you the best archery experience.

I personally use recurve bow for hunting and shooting to enhance my archery experience. Also, I recommend it to beginners to advance level archers should begin their archery career with recurve.

Top 3 Picks Of Recurve Bows | You can get in 2022


samick sage, best beginner recurve bow, starter bow, youth bow
Samick Sage
  • Exceptional for Beginner
  • Cost-effective
  • Ideal for the novice.
  • Extremely durable
  • Fantastic grip


Grizzly Bear Archery,  Best hunting recurve bow , For Big animals hunting,
Bear Archery Grizzly
  • This one-piece is a top pick for experts.
  • Very professional and heavy-duty for hunting


Toparchery 53”, Handmade Recurve bow, one piece  bow
Toparchery 53
  • Handmade bow takedown bow.
  • Cheap and Quiet.
  • It is light in weight 
  • weather-resistant

Top Rated Recurve bows list

Fortunately, we have put together the top 10 best recurve bows overall in the industry today in our in-depth review guide, which will help you to decide which one is right for you as it takes a lot of research to know what you need. This article will guide you downright whether your selection priority is gender, age, price, or efficiency.

Although there is no recurve bow for all as each individual has a personal set of priorities and each bow is designed for a particular group of archers. So let’s begin with this.

What IS the best recurve bow, and how to choose it? Let’s Get into reviews

1. Samick Sage | Best for beginner

Samick Sage is manufactured by a Korean company named “Samick Sports” and they supply their products all over the world and they have maintained their good reputation since 1975.

samick sage, best beginner recurve bow, starter bow, youth bow
  • Inexpensive
  • Fantastic grip
  • Accurate shots
  • Finest design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Must know the correct arrangement for assembling after disassembling

This traditional bow is ideal for those who looking for a startup because it is a budget-friendly recurve bow, moreover, Samick Sage is a beginner recurve bow that is also compatible with advanced levels due to its manageable design and best build. Its versatility and reliability lie in its simplicity.

Built Quality :

This great recurve bow is aesthetically pleasing and relatively simple to use which adds to its durability. Samick Sage has a majestic riser. Comfortable, shiny, and enduring.

Its riser is built from supreme quality maple wood that makes it long-lasting. It is comfortable to use with an ergonomic grip when you hold its riser, you can feel its grip and comfort.

As it is made up of wood it does not get heated like thermal risers even in hot temperatures, this makes it extremely comfy to use in all kinds of weather, Moreover, one of the plus points of this traditional recurve bow is its customizability.

am man holding a samick sage recurve bow in hand

Customization :

You can easily adjust the limbs or riser of the bow. You can also customize your draw weight as you become more experienced. That’s much better than having to buy a whole new bow, once the draw weight is not enough anymore.


The main feature of this traditional recurve bow is that it’s very accurate and easy to balance which makes its target very accurate. Furthermore, Its right and left-hand models are easily available in the market and online. Its draws are also available in a varying range of weights that could be changed easily as you move from the beginner to expert level of archery.

It is made from maple wood with black fiberglass that adds to its durability and its striking appearance. It is ideal for target practice and for hunting, we can also say that it is an all-rounder recurve bow.


62 inches length, three-piece takedown system, draw weight between 30 pounds and 55 pounds.

YouTube video


Samick Sage recurve bow is the best pick for novice shooters. This is a profitable investment for beginners. Furthermore, its manufacturing quality is top-class, which is one reason to select this bow. It will help you to enhance your skills as well.

The best part of this bow is adjustability. It is one of the favorite bows in the market right now; it is available in different sizes which gives the buyer an option to select according to their needs. 

2. Grizzly Bear Archery | Best For hunting & Big animals

Grizzly Bear Archery, Best hunting recurve bow , For Big animals hunting,
  • Durable
  • Excellent for hunting and target shooting
  • Accuracy of target
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Weather-resistant
  • Iconic design
  • Not a takedown
  • A little pricey

The Grizzly is traditional one-piece hunting recurve bow considered one of the most potent recurve bows for expert-level hunters. Although, shooters with all kinds of skill levels use it for a smooth and precise draw, furthermore Its incredibly famous among archers for its accuracy of shots and its high-performance capability. It is regarded as a legend in the fields of indoor and outdoor shooting and 3D shooting.

Material used:

Grizzly Bear Archery is a one-piece wooden recurve bow, but still, its riser is exceptionally mighty. The premium quality maple wood used for its manufacturing is first treated to fill out its pores and make it even stronger.

This treatment makes the wood a little heavier and much more substantial, an ideal for the creation of a bow from it, and this treated wood is called Futurewood. moreover, Its riser is customizable and has a glossy finishing that makes it moisture-free and easy to grip.


This fantastic recurve bow ensures a low vibrational and a full inch-perfect smooth shot. It would be a great addition to any shooter’s arsenal, and you would be a proud owner of this heritage masterpiece. furthermore, It has the most admirable limbs that are also customizable and on its pitch black limbs, the logo ‘Grizzly’ is also engraved.

Build Quality :

The good news is left and right-hand models are available easily on the budget of this bow. This one-piece recurve bow cannot be disassembled, which makes it a little hard to carry around.

Another additional feature of this recurve bow that makes it even more unique and admirable is its arrow-rest along with a riser protector. Furthermore, the shelf is protected with bear hair that provides stability to the arrow.

Furthermore, the bow’s strings are made with Dacron and they give the tonal quality that the original owners of this could rely on. It has a classic design that will never go out of style and its golden penny on the rise makes it even more original and valuable.

On this gold penny, a bear is engraved along with the draw weight of the bow. This bow stands out mainly for its uniqueness and its mythical design.

YouTube video


It is the best hunting recurve bow for those who want to have the pleasure of a high-quality shooting experience. For anyone who has a passion for archery, this legendary bow is a must-try because of its maximum performance potential and traditional good looks. also,

it is a kind of archery bow that you could see hanging on the walls of museums and ts not only provides excellent performance but also adds to the value of its shooter. Also, read our top pics for hunting recurve crossbow for Next level hunting archery.

3. Martin Jaguar | Best Takedown for target shooting

Martin jaguar, Best recurve bow for target shooting


  • Durable
  • Excellent for hunting and target shooting
  • Accuracy of target
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Weather-resistant
  • Iconic design
  • Not a takedown
  • A little pricey


Martin jaguar is well-known for its iconic design and its smooth draw and this recurve is observed to be very pleasing to use for target shooting, further it is one of the few bows that also give excellent results in hunting.

It is a takedown recurve bow with tailor-made limbs and the limbs are manufactured from laminated wood and fiberglass, further its logo ‘MARTIN’ is engraved in white on the front, further, Its draw weight could be increased or decreased accordingly to your skill level.

Built Quality:

The most outstanding feature of this recurve bows it accepts almost all types of limbs and saves you from hunting specific limbs when you want to replace them. moreover, you could use Jaguar with any ILF limbs of your own choice and liking.

Martin jaguar is a metallic recurve bow whose riser is made up of aluminum and magnesium, making it lightweight and easy to balance, even for women and children.


Martin jaguar recurve bow features a thermal grip which is superb for starters who want to practice for a long time, because it does not make you feel tired or does not cause any strain in your muscles, furthermore, its lightweight makes it easy to carry around, and also travel-friendly.

the most interesting thing is this amazing recurve bow is traditional in its looks, but its functionality is not less than any modern bow also it is a hybrid of mythical good looks and new age adaptations, Unlike traditional bows.

further, it allows its users to attach additional tools like gears, stabilizers, and sights to increase the potential performance, especially when hunting. It has ports to adjust all these fittings.

The speed of the Martin Jaguar’s shot is breakneck and smooth. The arrow released from Jaguar reaches its target with a lightning-fast speed that is even faster than many other recurve bows.

It all comes down to the short brace height of the bow that increases the rate of its shot, moreover this custom recurve bow is travel-friendly as its limbs are detachable from the riser. and It is also durable and ensures a powerful shot. It is only available for right-hand users.

YouTube video


Martin jaguar recurve bow is a hybrid recurve bow for those who want to have the royal archery’s feeling and have fun with bows’ modern adaptations Its wide range of draw weight makes it an excellent choice for women and starters.

This is one of the premium quality and a travel-friendly recurve bow and upgradeable as well so in result with all these top-notch qualities, it is very affordable and accessible on a budget.

4. Sas Spirit 66” | Best Wooden Recurve bow for youth

Sas Spirit 66”, Best Recurve bow for youth , Wooden bow
  • Cost-efficient
  • Unbreakable
  • Durable
  • Available for both right and left-handed
  • Easy to assemble
  • Not suitable for shorthand people in holding
  • Low draw weight range

Only a few top archery recurve bows have managed to maintain their original design since their creation, and Southland Archery Supply Spirit, also known as SAS Spirit, is one such bow whose model has passed the test of times.

Its manufacturers have maintained the quality of the bow. It comes in various sizes, but here we are discussing the most famous Sas Spirit 66” further It has gained excellent reviews from the shooters.

Built Quality:

This takedown recurve bow’s flexibility and durability have made it worthy enough to be added to our list of the top-rated recurve bows and an excellent choice for youth and beginners. Moreover, It is a wooden bow made from premium maple wood and fiberglass lamination.

It is made from supreme quality wood that is exported from the forests of Asia. This is guaranteed by the manufacturers that this bow is very sturdy and will remain shatterproof even after years of regular use.

For long Practice:

Nonetheless, it is not easy So if you are a novice or someone who wants to have long practice sessions, this bow is an excellent choice because of its vigor. For those who enjoy archery as a hobby, this is an ideal pick.

Performance :

Now if we talk about its limbs they are detachable and easy to assemble again. It is travel-friendly and effortless to carry around. Just like Martin Jaguar, the SAS is a good pick for target shooting plus hunting. It is available in different draw weights depending upon the skill level of the shooter. Its sleek design gives it an appealing appearance.

Moreover, this amazing recurve bow is an excellent choice for those under 6 feet of height. It will be a wise investment if you are buying a recurve bow for a teen or a beginner or if you want to develop a liking for archery in your child. It is not particularly noisy or vibrated while shooting.

Furthermore, Its durability and flexibility lie in the simplicity of its design. Manufacturers provide good client service and warranty of this product. This recurve bow is available for both right and left-handed shooters. It is also not very high in the price range.


This wooden recurve bow meets this criterion if you look for a flexible, cost-effective, and easy-to-balance bow. Sas Spirit 66 is designed to provide chief performance in tournaments & archery competitions, prey hunting, and sports events. It would be a wise investment as it comes with a three years warranty. It is also suitable for teens or left-handers.

5. Buffalo Hunting | Hand-Made One-piece Traditional recurve bow

Buffalo Hunting - Hand Made , One piece Traditional bow
  • Iconic design
  • Light Weight
  • Sturdy and flexible
  • Hand made
  • You have to change the string after some shots
  • The bow doesn’t come up with an arrow

Do you want to have a feel of real old-style archery? Or do you want to revive the old hunting style? We have not forgotten to include such a particular kind of bow in our list from the times before guns. This recurve bow has stood the test of time and has helped to maintain the old age art of archery.

Hand Made Master Piece:

This bow was initially created under the direction of a maestro whose expertise in crafting bows and arrows, promises that you will receive a masterpiece. It is an obligation that you will experience the true spirit of archery while using it. moreover, It is handmade, lightweight, yet extremely sturdy at the same time moreover buffalo hunting recurve bow is one of the top high quality recurve bows

Built Quality:

It is built from wood, siyahs, and fiberglass. Its build makes it flexible and durable for extended use. It is weather-resistant and comfortable for continuous hunting or shooting experience. It provides an ergonomic grip.

Beautiful Looks:

If you are an admirer of beautiful-looking recurve bows, it will be your ultimate choice as it comes in multi-colors that add to its overall striking appearance. Its beauty lies in its cobra skin that is equipped on its outer part.

This hunting bow shows no sign of wear and tear or discoloration even after years of constant use. Holding this majestic bow in your hands will surely arise a sense of pride inside you. It will also add value to its owner’s arsenal. Among other shooting weapons, this recurve bow will always stand out and catch attention at first glimpse.


Buffalo hunter recurve bow is created for both-hand side shooters. The artistry on the limbs and their bindings is tight. The release is very smooth and very natural. Buffalo hunter ensures its users an accurate and precise target hit. Its draw weight ranges from 30 to 65 pounds. Due to its exact and accurate target shooting ability,

Moreover, it is very capable of prey hunting and precise target shooting as well. The company also provides you with a paper target for practicing to enhance your shooting skills.


If you want to have an ultimate old-style archery experience and you want to select a royal-style to recurve bow that is strong and flexible, then Buffalo hunter would be the best choice for you. Its appealing handmade design will add a lot more pleasure to the whole experience. Must read our how to make a recurve bow its worth it

6. SAS Explorer Metal Riser | Aluminum Takedown Recurve bow

SAS Explorer Metal Riser, Best Takedown Recurve bow
  • Fiberglass limbs with Maple
  • Aluminum-made
  • Color Choices
  • For tall people
  • Draw Weight: 22 to 34 pounds
  • It only comes for right-handed users

If you are searching for a modest and affordable recurve bow for practice shooting? SAS Explorer can be a good choice for you in this regard. It is mandatory to select a bow that fits your body frame and height so that your target is well balanced and precise. A small recurve bow can lead to an inaccurate shot while selecting a big bow can result in injuries or muscle pain.

Built Quality:

This metallic recurve bow is specially designed for those with a tall height. Its riser is made from aluminum. It is 66 inches long and well prepared. This bow comes in different draw weights, so you could easily select one depending upon your body frame and skill level.

The Sas explorer has five color options, so you can choose whatever color you like depending upon your personal choice. Furthermore distinctive and attractive appearance is a plus point. This polished recurve bow is a flawless piece of craftsmanship.


It is a good pick for target shooting and practicing hunting for beginners. Although it is not a smart choice for big hunting games and tournaments, you could practice hunting with this bow to enhance your skills. Another one of its plus points is that it is very affordable and proves to be a wise investment for novices.

SAS Explorer is reviewed to be very silent while shooting. It does not create any vibrations. This right-handed recurve is the best choice for novices because of its remarkably accurate shots. It is a takedown bow, and you have to buy arrows separately, but it remains budget-friendly. Unfortunately, this bow is only for right-hand users.


The Sas Explorer recurve bow is added to our list because of its mind-blowing durability and accuracy of shots. It is bendable but not breakable. Its salient features make it a good choice for beginners who want to practice shooting and hunting. It is affordable and especially suitable for those above six feet of height.

7. Toparchery Horsebow 53” | Handmade One-piece Recurve bow

Toparchery 53”, Handmade Recurve bow, one piece bow
  • Lightweight Cheap
  • Weather-resistant
  • Takedown bow
  • Quiet
  • Shows signs of wear and tear
  • Not suitable for extended use

Are you the one that goes for traditional-looking recurve bow while going animal hunting in the woods? We have already added a number of these traditional bows to our list. But this list would be incomplete without adding Toparchery Handmade recurve bow.

Built Quality:

Toparchery handmade is a Mongolian-style bow that has its traditional good looks. It comes with a range of draw weights that you can adjust according to your body frame. It has a draw weight range from 30 lbs to 50 lbs. Unlike many other recurve bows that are mentioned in this list, this recurve bow also has a varying range of brace heights of 16 to 18 cm.

furthermore, it has a wooden riser and limbs made from fiberglass. Both of its limbs are equal in size and symmetrical so you can hold up any end while shooting.


It has an overall build that makes it weather-resistant. Its draw is very accurate and precise. The bow is sturdy and its draw is very smooth. further, this recurve bow comes for both right-hand and left-hand users. also very quiet and does not create any noise or vibrations while shooting. This feature makes it an excellent choice for hunters who do not want to create any noise to alarm the animals

Best for travelling and hunting:

one of the main things which makes it best recurve bow is that Toparchery 53 is very lightweight and easy to carry around as it is a takedown recurve bow so travel-friendly as well and would be your great companion if you go hunting in the woods also It is specially designed to showcase splendid performance in hunting deer, rabbits, and turkey.

Good Looks in a Budget:

Toparchery 53 bow gets most of the compliments because of its good looks, which is something very unusual for a bow of a cheap price range. Some customers reviewed that this bow starts to show discoloration after some time.

Not Suitable for Daily Shooting:

one thing that needs to be mentioned this recurve bow is not suitable for daily shooters who want to shoot more than fifty arrows a day. It is most appropriate for infrequent use. Unlike modern bows of today’s age, it does not come with a fixed rest.


Toparchery handmade recurve is a decent bow that is sturdy and traditional-looking. It is lightweight and quiet. These features make it an ideal pick for going hunting in the woods. Although, it is recommended to be used only occasionally. It is not a bow to have long practicing sessions with, which is quite justifiable because it is cheaper than most bows available in the market.

8. Southwest Archery Spyder | best budget recurve bow

southwest archery,southwest Archery spyder,best recurve bows,best Qualitity  bow, Top Quality bow,
  • Cheap
  • Extra accessories added.
  • Rounded edges
  • Lightweight
  • It has a varying range of draw
  • Extra accessories that are included are not of premium quality

manufacturers of Southwest Archery have developed several recurve bow models among which you can choose the best one for you but This recurve bow comes from the family of Samick Sage and some people also say that it is a modern and improved version of the Sage.

Built Quality:

The first improvement made in its design is its rounded edges and pockets. This particular technique was used to make the bow even more lightweight and the manufacturers succeeded in doing so, moreover, it has a wooden riser. Since it is a takedown bow portable and easy to take it along on your hunting and shooting ventures.


This budget recurve bow has a fast and precise draw and It comes with a Dacron string. These Dacron strings are of premium quality and give your bow a historic look along with their amazing performance. These strings are hand-knitted and twisted with perfection.

Spyder’s draw weights range from 20 pounds to 60 pounds and their selection depends upon your own choice. This bow also proves to be an excellent choice not only for experts but also novice shooters. It has upgradeable limbs and it comes for both right-hand and left-hand users.

one of the main features of this is a silent recurve bow, and no archers have reported about it being unusually loud or vibratory. The providers offer a one-year guarantee and excellent customer service. Its features and supreme quality mirror it to those extravagant bows but its very affordable price range is the real deal.


Southwest Archery lies on the cheaper side of the price range but that does not mean that its quality is compromised. It is the best recurve bow with resilience and accuracy. further, Several extra added accessories make it an attractive package for buyers. Although the quality of the bow is supreme the extras added to it are not of that high quality.

9. SAS Spirit 62″ | Starter Takedown Recurve Bow

SAS Spirit 62″,  Best Takedown Recurve Bow
  • Inexpensive
  • Durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Dacron string
  • Wooden riser
  • Not suitable for big hunting games
  • Riser and limbs are not well polished

We have another option in the SAS recurve bow family that will help if you want to develop shooting skills in your children and wants to make them familiar with different shooting techniques? So you must be looking for a bow that does not lack in performance but also stays affordable.

This addition to our list is exactly what you are looking for. We have already reviewed SAS Spirit 66’ but now we are presenting you with another bow from the same family. It is Southland Archery Spirit 62”

Good for Children:

This recurve bow is an excellent pick for your children who want to start learning archery. It is very comfortable to use. It has a moderate weight and it is neither heavy nor very light.

Built Quality:

Just like other bows manufactured by SAS, the riser of this recurve bow is made up of different types of premium quality woods that are exported from the forests of Asia. These woods are of exceptional quality and some of these include Beech and Gmelina Arborea.

They make the bow beautiful to look at and very durable for long-term use. moreover, Its limbs are made from maple wood and fiberglass laminations that make them strong enough for frequent use. The riser and limbs are durable and good looking but they are not well polished. It is advised not to use this bow in the rain as it is not weather resistant.


Sas Spirit’s draw weight ranges from 22 inches to 36 inches. Its low draw weight makes it very easy to balance and practice for a long time. However, this recurve bow is not an ideal choice for hunting big animals that require bows with high draw weights but it serves well in the shooting. It is an appropriate pick to practice shooting in the backyard of your house.


If you are looking for a decent recurve bow to familiarize your kids with archery and want a bow that comes from trusted manufacturers then SAS Spirit will surely be your first choice. Its low price and durability serve as icing on the cake.

10. PSE Archery Pro Max 62 | Top Rated recurve bow Kit

PSE Archery Pro Max 62 , Top Rated recurve bow
  • Lightweight
  • Fiberglass and maple limbs
  • Accurate shot
  • Takedown bow
  • Durable
  • Precise shots
  • Affordable
  • Not suitable for big hunting games

Last but not least is the correct fitting phrase for our last recurve bow in the list. PSE Archery Pro Max holds some qualities to make it a part of ur top-rated recurve bows list. It is a superb bow for anyone who wants to step into traditional archery. It gives a very precise and accurate shot that hits the target on the right spot every time.

Built Quality:

PSE Archery Pro Max riser is made up of diamond wood and its limbs are made from maple wood and fiberglass to make this bow durable and sturdy. here I want to mention that limbs are the parts of a bow that store all the energy in them so a bow must have rugged limbs.

one of the most interesting things is Fiberglass limbs are considered to be ideal because they are capable of taking a large number of tensile forces. It comes with carbon arrows embellished with turkey feathers.

Performance :

PSE Archery Pro Max recurve bow is a medium-sized takedown bow with a moderate weight that makes it easy to balance and easy to draw. Takedown bows give you the benefit of carrying them during your travels effortlessly. This bow has a striking and sleek appearance.

Its complete package also includes finger savers, string, sights, and arm guards. This bow is up to the mark for novices because it also considers the shooter’s comfort and protection. Arm guards are there to protect the shooter’s forearms from hitting strings.

moreover, Finger savers are there as well. That makes holding the bow easy for starters, and with them, there is no need to wear protective gloves. They are also helpful in taking quicker and more precise shots. They are specially used for going bow fishing. These extras make its package even more economical and attractive for buyers.


PSE Archery Pro Max recurve bow will be your ideal match if you are a beginner and want to sharpen your skills or if you want a bow for recreational archery. It serves you by taking very precise and accurate shots. Its durability and sleek appearance is a plus point.

This cheap bow not only delivers high performance but also comes with a kit of complete protection package that makes you comfortable and safe while practicing shooting. It is very affordable and easy on the budget.

Our Recommendation For Topclass recurve

Samick Sage

samick sage, best beginner recurve bow, starter bow, youth bow

9.4/10 Our Score

Samick Sage is the best pick for novice shooters. This is a profitable investment for beginners, a fantastic piece of artwork, and its grip is absolutely amazing.

if you are looking for a durable and Quality recurve bow that can work for Beginner to advanced levels as well. So this one you will definitely love it. We have reviewed and declared it  our Top pick Therefore  our users can confidently choose this outstanding recurve bow 


Confused ? read the recurve bow Buyer’s Guide

You must keep the following factors in mind before selecting your recurve. Let’s begin

What is Recurve bow Draw Weight

Before selecting a recurve bow you must clear your criteria and the purpose for buying the bow. Draw weight is the foremost factor and plays a crucial role in the selection of recurve bow. Moreover, the selection of a bow with the wrong draw weight can make your overall archery experience very salty.

Draw weight refers to the total amount of force required to pull back the string of the bow to shoot. Draw weight depends on your skill level and also your body frame.

Recurve bows offer a range of draw weights that you can choose accordingly. Generally, you want to buy a bow either for hunting or target shooting. If you are a hunter with high experience and good arm strength then the minimum draw weight that you must select is 40lbs. So the draw weight for hunting is 40lbs or more.

But if your skillset is not very high and you want to go for target shooting then the ideal draw weight for you will be 15 lbs to 35 lbs. This low draw weight is also suitable if you are a novice and want to practice for long sessions as it will not cause soreness in your muscles.

The following chart will simplify the things for selecting the right draw weight for you:

Revere bow CHART

Recurve bow  Buying Guide Chart

Deferent Types of Recurve bows

There are two types of bows: one is takedown and non-takedown. we are going to discuss their versions in detail as well.

Takedown bow:

A takedown recurve bow is the one whose limbs and riser could be separated. You could disassemble them when you are not using the bow and assemble them again while shooting or hunting. This type of bow is easy to carry around and travel-friendly moreover You can take this bow easily with you while going hunting in the woods.

If you happen to break the bow, you can easily replace the damaged part or limb instead of buying a whole bow all over again.

You can also replace the limbs with the ones of your choice. For instance, if you are a beginner and initially you bought a bow with low draw weight and after practising, you improved your skills with time and want a bow with high draw weight.

You can simply replace the limbs of your takedown bow instead of spending a whole lot of amount on buying another new bow.

Non-Takedown bow / One-piece bow:

A non-takedown bow cannot be disassembled. Its riser and limbs are fixed, which makes it hard to carry around while traveling. However, it comes with its benefit as the shooter can use it without the difficulty of assembling it first, as some bows are complicated and technical to assemble again once they are separated. However, In case you break your one-piece recurve bow, you have to buy an entire bow all over again.

What is Recurve Bow length?

Bow length is the distance between the two limbs of the bow and the draw length means how far the archer pulls back the bowstring back before releasing an arrow. The bow measurement is also one of the most crucial factors. So you must double-check the measurement which is right or perfect for you.

The range of bow length starts from a minimum of 40 inches and goes to more than 70 inches. You can take a guide about it from the chart given below.

Recurve bow Draw length & Bow Length Chart

recurve bow draw length char, recurve bow length chart

Recurve Riser

Riser provides the base for any bow, and it is very crucial to select a bow that has a strong riser. But the selection of risers mostly depends upon your budget, as high-quality premium risers are generally pricey. Risers are wooden or metallic.

Wooden risers make your bow lightweight, and easy to balance and hold. These types of wooden bows prove to be the best in the shooting. However, metallic risers are very rugged and sturdy they are usually a little heavy and more pricey. They come in handy in big hunting games, and they are usable for years and years with absolutely perfect performance.

Accessories for Recurve bows

Apart from the essential parts of bows, accessories also play a vital role in your overall archery experience as they make shooting more comfortable, accurate, fun, and efficient. There are many such accessories available to aid hunters and shooters. Finger savers and gloves are used to protect the archer’s hands while shooting, and they make holding the bow comfortable.

They save any blisters on the skin caused by friction of the string while releasing the arrow. Similarly, arm guards are used by novices and professionals for the protection of their arms from the bowstring, furthermore, Sights are going to be your great companion because they provide perfect aid in making your target precisely accurate and on the spot.

Recurve Bows Limbs

Limbs are mostly made up of wood, fibreglass, or foam. In the case of takedown recurve bows, limbs are replaceable, and they are selected in accordance with the draw weight. It is more beneficial to use cheaper limbs when you are a beginner and keep swapping them.

Over time, as your draw weight increases and reaches its optimal limit, that is the right time to buy premium quality limbs that are mostly very expensive.

Final Verdict

Archery is a royal hobby and therefore the bows are usually a little bit expensive. However, if you have a passion for archery and you want to have a world-class best recurve bow in your arsenal then this guide must have helped you a lot.

We have tried to make this tiresome task easy for you even if you are a beginner or expert, shooter or a hunter.

Because we know that archery is very fun and interesting with the right recurve bow but could also be tiresome and boring with the wrong bow.

So those were the world’s best recurve bows which you can choose wisely according to your need. we will recommend Samick sage for beginners and if you want to take your archery to next level then Grizzly Bear could be the best hunting bow for you

Enjoy archery with passion!

Have fun!


A: You should buy cheap limbs as a beginner because, at that time, you will be practicing a lot and would need to swap your limbs frequently. More affordable limbs will be budget-friendly for you. Once you improve your skills and move to a professional-level bow, you should select premium quality limbs.

A: It is an effortless thing but crucial, which most people get confused about, especially novices. If you release a string or shoot with your right hand, you will select a right-handed bow. On the other hand, if you are releasing a string or shooting with your left hand, you will choose a left-handed bow.

A: If you want a bow for hunting big animals, then you must select a recurve bow with a minimum draw weight of 40lbs.

A: These two types of bows come with their own set of pros and cons. If you are a beginner and travel a lot, then it would be beneficial for you to buy a takedown as it is easy to carry around, and you can change its limbs as your skill level increases.

A: Yes, Samick Sage is considered to be an excellent bow for beginners due to its outstanding features. It is aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, very precise, and accurate. Moreover, it is very cost-effective, and it is considered to be one of the best bows available for beginner in the market.

A: Wooden bows are lightweight and usually less expensive than metal bows and are used chiefly for shooting. However, metallic bows are more suitable for big hunting games, and they are more rugged

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