Best Recurve Bowstrings 2022 | Complete Guide

If you are looking for a bowstring for a new recurve bow or already are using it. There are many things to be considered when choosing the best recurve bowstring. The material is essential, and the length and weight of the bowstring. Different types of strings can be used, such as Dacron or Nylon. This article will go over all these considerations to make an informed decision about the best recurve bowstring 2022.

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Best Recurve BowStrings

Bowstring is the essential part of a bow and should be durable and top quality choosing a recurve bowstring can be complicated and confusing, but we’re going to break it down into an easy-to-read review guide that will help you to know all about the best bowstrings for recurve bows and some of them can be used with a compound bow A well. You’ll find out what they do and how they work as well as their different types so you can make the best decision based on your needs and make your shot perfect!

All about the Bowstring: Material, AMO length, Strands

When it comes to finding the best recurve bowstring material, there are a few different options. The most popular choice is Dacron, a synthetic fiber known for its durability and strength.

Some people prefer synthetic string material, while others swear by Dacron polyester or other materials. Nylon and Kevlar strings are also an option, and they offer good performance at a lower price point than Dacron. However, they are not as strong and durable.

Whichever best recurve bowstring material you choose, make sure it doesn’t stretch when the bow is fired, or else your arrow will be less accurate. Whatever type of string you go with, make sure to keep it waxed adequately. So that friction doesn’t cause wear and tear or loss of accuracy over time.

Bowstring Length:

The best recurve bowstrings are those that will last the longest and provide for a smoother, more accurate shot. String length is also essential as it affects how much let-off you have on your release. When you’re ready to replace your recurve bowstring, make sure that the length of the new string matches up with what is on your current bow and, if possible, get a matching material.

What is AMO and how to measure it ?

AMO is the archery industry standard for measuring bow length. It stands for “Archery Manufacturers Organization” and is used to determine the string length that you will need. Amo is the length of the bow which is 4 inches more than the actual bowstring

AMO length vs. Actual length:

The actual length of the string for recurve bows will be 4″ shorter than their AMO length by measuring from one end to another. This can depend on how you’ve twisted it and what kind of brace height is needed with your draw weight, but overall they’re all pretty consistent in size! For example: Say you have a bow with an AMO of 60”. This means that the length of your strung bow will be 56”when you string it. Not all bowstring Amo is 3 to 4 inches like some of the English longbows’ length measured at their unstrung.

Ammo Length Chart

Amo length, bowstring Amow Length Chart

BowString Strands:

Bowstring strands are the individual fibers that make up a bowstring. They can be made of fiberglass, Kevlar, or other high-tech materials, depending on what they’re being used for and how strong they need to be. For example, some strings may have more strands than others to increase their durability and strength without increasing the overall string length.

Now, let us review our top picks!

1. Flemish Bowstring | Fast Flight Plus | Replacement Recurve Bowstring

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  • Smooth Pulls and releases
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Actual String Length
  • Traditional bowstring
  • Nicely waxed
  • Only suitable for bulky bows
  • Service area is a little thin


The Flemish Fast Flight Plus Recurve Bowstring is a premium quality replacement bowstring for traditional bows. All of these given features make the Flemish Fast Flight Plus replacement bowstring one of the highest performance standard archery strings available.

Multiple Sizes

This high-performance bowstring is constructed with 18 strands of braided Fast Flight Plus material and comes in multiple sizes. The Flemish Fast Flight Plus Recurve Bowstring allows you to shoot your favorite recurve or longbow at its peak performance level.

Premium construction:

The Flemish Fast Flight Plus Replacement Bowstring is a premium quality replacement bowstring designed to fit all bows rated for low stretch bowstring material. The Flemish Fast Flight Plus bowstrings are made with 18 strands and 3 bundles. It’s made from top-quality materials and manufactured by Traditional Gear Archery Products in the USA by people who love archery.

Durable and Sturdy:

The Flemish Fast Flight Plus bowstring is the ultimate traditional bowstring. It features a patented process that makes it firmer, smoother, and more durable than any other string on the market.

Fast Flight Plus is a premium quality replacement bowstring. This string features a braided polyester construction, the standard for archery strings since the 1960s. Fast Flight Plus strings are made with 18 strands of polyester and are available in multiple sizes to fit all bows rated for low-stretch string material.
Smooth Pulls and releases

2. SAS Flemish Fast Flight Replacement | Traditional Recurve Bowstring

best recurve bow string, bow string durable recurve bow string, SAS Flemish Fast Flight Replacement, traditional bow string
  • Made in the USA
  • Premium Quality
  • 18 Strand Fast Flight Replacement Bowstring
  • Super smooth and quiet
  • Traditional Recurve Bowstring
  • Multiple AMO lengths
  • It may not be durable for extended usage


This is a replacement bowstring that’s made by the legendary manufacturers SAS Flemish Fast Flight Plus Recurve Bowstring. It comes with many features, such as being smooth and quiet, solid string. It is available in black/brown color and features solid ends.

Legendary manufacturers:

Southland Archery Supply SAS has created a new line of bowstrings that are the best in the industry.SAS Flemish Fast Flight Plus recurve bowstring is made of the finest materials. These best recurve bowstrings are manufactured in the USA by legendary and trusted manufacturers that have been around for decades.


These strings are made with a solid core, super smooth and quiet. The Flemish Fast Flight-Plus is a premium quality string with 18 strands and an AMO length. The most notable benefits of this string are its super smooth and quiet performance, as well as its durability.

If you want to add more speed to your bow without sacrificing accuracy, then this is the string for you! This bowstring is made with a high-quality material that helps extend your bow’s lifespan while increasing its performance level.

AMO lengths:

It is easy to install, durable, and economical. This bowstring will fit any recurve or compound bow and perform exceptionally well. It is available in 12 AMO lengths.

These recurve bow string lengths are:

  • AMO 44 in (Actual 40 in)
  • AMO 46 in (Actual 42 in)
  • AMO 48 in (Actual 44 in)
  • AMO 50 in (Actual 46 in)
  • AMO 52 in (Actual 48 in)
  • AMO 54 in (Actual 50 in)
  • AMO 56 in (Actual 52 in)
  • AMO 58 in (Actual 54 in)
  • AMO 60 in (Actual 56 in)
  • AMO 62 in (Actual 58 in)
  • AMO 64 in (Actual 60 in)
  • AMO 66 in (Actual 62 in)

Also, all the people complaining about the wrong size need to learn how to measure your bow for the correct size; for a recurve bow, the string should be smaller than the actual bow length; that’s how the bow bends. we recommend that also visit recurve bow limbs to get the best for you

3. Deerseeker Dacron Bow String Set | For Traditional Longbow Recurve Bow Bowstring

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  • 100% reliable guarantee
  • Waterproof and Dustproof
  • 2 Brass Nock Points
  • 12,14,16 strands
  • AMO length: 48-70 inches
  • Endless loop type
  • Brass nocks may be missed in some deliveries


Deerseeker Dacron Bow String Set is a hunting accessory designed to help you hunt and shoot. It’s made from the best recurve bowstring material, which is waterproof and dustproof.


Deerseeker Dacron Bow String Set is made of 100% polyester, making it waterproof and dustproof. It is also durable and reliable. The strings are non-stretchable, which will keep your bow in good shape for a long time.

They can be used on all kinds of bows, including compound bows, recurve bows, or crossbows.

2 Brass Nock Points:

It also has 2 archery brass nocks included, which can be used easily with your bow. The endless loop type makes the string easy to install on your bow, and it will not stretch when you use it. Two brass nocks are included with the string set to make sure you have everything you need to get started right away!

Multiple strands and AMO length options:

Deerseeker Dacron Bow String Set is the ideal choice for a beginner or intermediate archer. Each set includes 3 strings and 3 servings that are made of 100% Dacron material. This bowstring set is available in 12, 14, and 16 strand options, so you can choose the option that best fits your needs.

The serving’s size varies with each option to provide the appropriate amount of durability for different draw lengths. It also comes with an AMO length of 48-70 inches to accommodate.

Water Proof And Dust Proof:

This Dacron Bow String comes nicely waxed, making it water and dustproof. Both ends are also waxed to prevent any fraying or unraveling. This quality makes it the best hunting recurve bow string even in extreme weather conditions.


Manufacturers claim that this product will be top-notch, and there is no compromise on its quality. Outstanding customer care services are provided, and in case of any quality problem, the manufacturers will take full responsibility. This product comes with a 100% reliable guarantee, and we promise that this product will never let you down!

4. Legend | Recurve Bow String | Best Dacron Bowstring

best recurve bow string, bow string durable recurve bow string, Legend Bow String
  • Traditional Bow String
  • Replacement Archery Equipment for Recurve Bow
  • Quiet shot
  • Ultra-smooth
  • 12-14-16 Strands
  • Bowstring AMO 48 into 66in
  • Center serving is not at the right spot


Legend has taken the time to design, test, and manufacture a string that will outperform all others. The B-55 is designed for today’s bowhunter, who demands more performance out of his equipment.

Premium Construction:

Legend B-55 Dacron Bow String is made from the highest quality materials and construction methods available in the industry today. The B-55 string utilizes a revolutionary new technology that creates an ultra-smooth, quiet shot with increased accuracy.

AMO length and Strands:

This is a Dacron bowstring set. It includes 12, 14, and 16 strand strings. The string length is 48 inches to 66 inches, which is for AMO length. Legend Archery B-55 Bowstrings are made from high-tech materials and built to last. It offers superior abrasion resistance, durability, and smoothness over traditional strings.

Effortless installation:

A bowstring is made of the best quality materials to give you the performance you need. It is easy and safe to install. The bowstring comes in 12, 14, or 16 strands with a quick endless loop at one end and a nock on the other end.

100% Risk-free purchase:

There are many colors to choose from for your bowstring. They are available for both recurve bows as well as longbows. These strings come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so if you are not satisfied, then get your money back! If you want to accurate shooting experience check out our best Bow stabilizers Reviews

5. Replacement Archery Bowstring | For Traditional Recurve Bows

best recurve bow string, bow string durable recurve bow string,  Replacement Archery Bowstring, Traditional bow string
  • Made from Black Dacron B-55 Material
  • Available in AMO Lengths from 44 inches to 68 inches
  • 12, 14, 16 Strand
  • Ready to install
  • For traditional recurve bows
  • It may not be suitable for long term usage


It’s an affordable, high-quality product that will last you a long time. With its easy installation and other unique features, it is a top-favorite among archers all around the globe!


These Replacement Archer Bowstrings are made from 100% polyester and come ready to install immediately. Their superior durability means they won’t stretch or fray like other strings on the market today.

Traditional Recurve Bow String:

This replacement bowstring is designed to fit any traditional recurve bow, including Samick Sage, PSE Stinger, Martin Saber, Bear Grizzly, and more. This best recurve bowstring will also work more than expected!

Top-notch performance:

This best and high-quality replacement bowstring is a perfect choice. It is made in America and comes with superior durability that will last you years of shooting. Plus, it has minimal stretch to ensure a consistent release every time you shoot. We recommend making your shot perfect must use recurve bow sight which can help to enhance your archery experience.


A best recurve bowstring is vital to the performance of your archery equipment. You should always invest in high-quality strings that are not only durable but also fit the length and material preferences for what you need them.

If you’re looking at new bows or just trying to better understand how they work before purchase, we hope that our article for best recurve bowstrings has helped you considerably.

Best of Luck!


A- You’ll want to wax your recurve bow string every few months depending on how much you use it. You may need to wax it more often until your form improves if you’re a beginner. The less contact the string has with moisture and dirt, the longer it will last.

A- When choosing a bowstring, it’s essential to look at both the AMO length and actual length. The AMO bowstring length is about three feet longer than the actual length of your bow. This will allow for proper stringing and keep you safe while using it.

A- The best recurve bowstring material is Dacron. It is powerful and durable, and it will last a long time, even with heavy use. Nylon is also a good choice, but it may not be as stable as Dacron.

A- The best recurve bow string length depends on a few factors. It should be long enough to span from one tip of the limbs to the other, but it should not be too long, or the bow will lose power.

It’s best to measure your existing string and then purchase a new best recurve bowstring that is five inches longer than this measurement. When measuring your best recurve bow string length, keep in mind that you need two pieces for each limb.

A- Yes. Bow stringers are the only way to string your bow safely. A good quality bow stringer will help keep all of your fingers intact when stringing your bow.

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