Recurve Bow Hunting | things you should know before hunt

Recurve bow is an ancient weapon that has been used in hunting for centuries. It’s a great weapon to use to get close enough to your prey without scaring them away. It also provides the opportunity for more precise shots than other bows. You will love Bowhunting with a recurve bow if you like traditional archery. This article has covered everything you need to know before beginning recurve bow hunting.

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Recurve bow Hunting

Bowhunting Is a great way to get outdoors, enjoy nature, and spend time hunting with friends or family; We can use recurve bow for hunting. For big and small games as well. Moreover, We have covered in this article all about recurve bow hunting and Traditional bow hunting, including tips and guides. But it is necessary to select the best recurve bow for hunting to get the best results.

Although we can use different types of bows for hunting like longbows, traditional bows, recurve bows compound bows, crossbows, and recurve crossbows for modern Bowhunting.

As bow hunting is not easy, you have to practice a lot before hunting for real. So, first of all, what are the essential factors you should consider while recurving bow hunting. The answer would be your concentration level and skill set. You should be able to shoot at least 100 arrows to hunt effectively with a bow. And also, try to use the same type of bowhunting equipment for hunting.

What is a recurve bow and how does it work for hunting ?

A recurve bow is a hunting tool with curved limbs that allow the shooter to use more energy when releasing their arrow. A traditional hunting method, these bows are efficient for hunting in close range. Moreover, these are great for beginners who do not want to invest too much money into hunting equipment.

In the united states, few areas are open for hunting, but few need a permit before hunting in those areas, so be carefree before going in the field.

Types of arrows to use for hunting ?

There are different arrows for recurve bow hunting. Arrows can be carbon, aluminum, or wooden, and they come in different sizes depending on the purpose of hunting. The shaft size is measured by diameter (may also include length). Standard diameters for hunting arrowheads vary from .244 to about 0.299 inches but anything between

What is the best recurve bow for hunting ?

The best recurve bow for hunting is a tricky question. Like most questions, there isn’t one answer that will work for everyone. Recurve bows have been around since the beginning of time and used by all cultures at some point or another. These days, they come in use by hunters and target archers. Our recommendation is a bear grizzly recurve bow that is great for beginner to advanced archers. Moreover, Grizzly super Kodiac, Hoyt Recurve bows are top-class bows.

Recurve bow is the most common type of traditional bow used for many kinds of conventional shooting. There are a few types of Recurve bows, and modern recurve bows are Horsebow, Shortbow, and Longbow.,

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What is Recurve Horsebows?

The Horsebow is the largest of these three types. While considered traditional longbows, they are typically shorter than their English counterpart by about 4-6 inches at roughly 2/3 the length of a Longbow.

An average Horsebow draws 60-80 lbs (pounds-force) with a 30-inch draw. We use it for hunting from horseback with a 12-13 inch brace height. Horse bows are mainly used for hunting large animals such as elk, moose, and bears.

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Recurve Shortbows:

The Short bow is the shortest of these three types measuring around 5 feet long. A 35-45 lbs draw weight and a brace height between 8-9 inches. Short bows are most commonly used for hunting deer and other medium-sized animals.


Longbows measure around 6 feet in length with a draw weight of 40-50 lbs and a brace height between 7-9 inches. These are typically the lightest recurve bows on the market, making them easier to shoot. As stated earlier, the best recurve bow is heavily dependent on the archer’s personal preference.

Recurve bow hunting tips:

  • Ensure you have the right equipment – A good quality hunting recurve will make all the difference when hunting big animals. You can’t hunt effectively without it!
  • Use stealth – Keeping quiet while hunting guarantees that your prey won’t hear you coming and give away your position before you’re ready to shoot!
  • The critical point is Practice makes perfect.

what is right length and size for Hunting Recurve Bow?

Technically, there is no such thing as a “bow length” for the hunting recurve bow. The size of the bow usually depends on the archer’s draw length and his preference in terms of holding and shooting comfort.

First and foremost, you need to know your draw length. Measure it from the deepest spot of your draw hand along the string up to your nose. The measurement should be taken while holding an arrow on the rest.

Once you have measured your draw length, it’s time to pick suitable hunting to recurve bow. It is advised that you must never go for a bow longer than your actual draw length! A bow that is too long would be difficult to handle and maneuver. On the contrary, a short bow would put additional strain on your body due to the weight of the limbs.

right length and size forHunting Recurve Bow

What is the Right recurve bow draw weight for hunting

The draw weight of your recurve bow is one of the main factors in choosing a bow. The more draw weight you have, the more power you will get in your shot. However, suppose you decide that you want to use an average amount of draw weight, whether it be 35 pounds or 45 pounds.

It will allow for a little bit more of a forgiving arc of the arrow, whereas if you decide that you want to use an extremely high amount of draw weight, it will limit your ability to shoot long distances.

This article will explain some basic bow hunting terms and list different recommended average recurve bow draw weights for hunting purposes.


Here are some draw weights you might use when deciding which recurve bow to buy. If you choose an average of 35 pounds, it is recommended to shoot short distances only.

On the other hand, if you decide to go with 45 pounds or more in your draw weight, you will shoot shorter distances.
When deciding on what draw weight is right for you, it all comes down to the type of game you are hunting and your personal preference. I am going to mention some draw weights in detail.

Draw weight in Detail:

understanding in Detail:

  • 35 Pounds: 35 pounds is recommended for short-distance shooting only because this draw weight does not provide much power in the shot. It could be used for shooting at targets, but not animals.
  • 40-45 Pounds: this is the most common average draw weight hunters choose. Thirty-six pounds is the light draw weight. This will allow you to shoot further distances, but it may skew your shot-off target slightly depending on what animal you are hunting.
  • 50-60 Pounds: this is a high draw weight that you cannot use for hunting anything smaller than a deer. Some hunters choose to shoot at targets with 60-pound draw weight, but I do not recommend it because of the risk of damaging your bow. It’s best to go hunting instead! This high draw weight will cause the arrow to fly incredibly fast.
  • 65-70 Pounds: this is a particular draw weight that can be very difficult for some hunters to use since it requires a specific technique. If you have experience using a 65-pound bow, you should go with this amount of draw weight in your next bow purchase. Otherwise, it is recommended that you choose a lower draw weight.
  • 75-80 Pounds: this is a high draw weight and can only be used on targets with a higher distance, such as elk or moose. When using an 80 pound recurve bow for hunting purposes, it is best to use broadheads instead of field points because broadheads will offer more penetration power.
  • 90 Pounds: This is the draw weight that I can recommend for hunting purposes. Anything over 90 pounds should be used on extreme distances only, such as bear or buffalo. When choosing an arrow to shoot with a 90-pound bow, use 100-grain arrows instead of 70 or 80-grain arrows.
  • 100-120 Pounds: this is the highest draw weight I can recommend, and I use it in huge games such as elk or moose. These types of animals will require more penetration power than any other, so this high amount of draw weight is necessary.

How to set up the best shot possible with hunting recurve bow:

best shot possible with hunting recurve bow, how to make a perfect shot with recurve bow

including aiming techniques, anchor points, and hunting stance:

  • The hunting stance is where you stand to take a shot. It should be comfortable and steady and allow for free movement of your bow arm when taking the shot. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart, with one foot slightly behind the other (about two or three inches).
  • Keep your knees soft and bend them slightly. Keep your shoulders easy and your head upright.
  • When recurve bow hunting, you need to get used to shooting instinctively, without thinking or sighting in on the target before releasing an arrow. To become instinctive at hunting with hunting recurve bow, Practice while focusing only on feeling for the correct form and the shot.
  • Anchor points are where you’ll hold your hunting recurve bow to take a shot. The correct position of your hunting recurve bow hand will be at or just behind the corner of your mouth, with an anchor point that feels most comfortable for you. Your hunting arrow should rest lightly on this hunting recurve bow anchor point.
  • When hunting with a bow, ensure the distance between your target and yourself before releasing an arrow. For targets closer than six yards away, aim slightly above their heads.
  • Shooting an animal from afar can be tricky. Make sure you aim high to kill it effectively but remember not too much, so nothing hits back! After setting up your shot, try gently tugging on the string, which will cause tension release allowing for more specific prey-tending duties with less work involved.
  • When hunting with recurve bow, it’s also necessary to be aware of your arrow trajectory and speed to make sure you’ll hit your intended target–for example, keeping in mind where trees will get in the way of your recurve bow hunting. Consider practicing your hunting form and aim on an actual target range before you head out into the field.

Hunting shot from afar:

A hunting animal with a recurve bow from afar is not an easy task. You need to be very careful while hunting them, as many hunters keep hunting animals for fun, putting your life in danger.

Is it hard to hunt with a recurve bow?

Many people think that hunting with a recurve bow is too challenging, and they’re content with hunting with a compound bow. However, there are advantages to using a recurve bow for hunting, such as recoil is less than compound bows, better accuracy over greater distances speed is faster than compound bows.

How to Hunting Deer with a recurve bow

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Hunting deer with a bow is one of the most challenging forms of hunting. This type of hunting is suited for experienced hunters, as they are used to the unique challenges of using a recurve bow.

This type of hunting uses a bow that has been popular since the Mongolian era and remains one of the oldest types of archery still used today. Modern recurve bows are very similar to those used by the Mongols.

Things Should Know before start deer hunting

Hunting deer is easier in the early hours of dawn or later in the day when it is harder for animals to see you. Once your prey gets closer, get ready to shoot at their heart or lungs. Alternatively, you can try shooting at their spine below the neck. This will cause them to down quickly.

It is challenging but rewarding, as the game meat tastes excellent for dinner. This type of hunting is an exciting challenge that seasoned hunters enjoy more than beginners.

Hunting as such is not as easy as many believe it to be. It takes a lot of time and dedication to properly use a recurve bow, and hunters spend years mastering this skill before hunting deer with recurve bows confidently.

A simple mistake while hunting with a recurve bow could end in an injured hunter, or even worse. so it needs more care if you are a beginner

Can we Hunting bird with a recurve bow?

Hunting Birds with recurve bow is a fun way to hunt small game. With the proper equipment, it can be an effective hunting method also. A large bird like a goose or duck will take more power than your standard to recurve bow has to offer, but you can still get several shots at smaller birds that are passing by.

Can we use recurve bows for turkey hunting?

We can also use recurve bows for turkey hunting. The bow you use for hunting should suit your hunt style and the game you are hunting for. Moreover, The process starts with spotting Turkey or finding their tracks. Hunting turkey means that you will only get one chance, so make sure you spot them at a good hunting range.

Find your perfect hunting spot

how to find a perfect spot for bow hunting - deer, turkey , or other animals
  • It is an ideal Hunting in an area where there are a lot of trees and shrubs.
  • Hunting during the earlier hours of the morning so you can find animals that have just woken up, which means they will be hungrier than usual.
  • Consider hunting at dawn or dusk for the best time to hunt due to low light conditions; animals are easier targets since they do not see well and will settle down more
  • hunt with a hunting partner
  • Hunting in an area where you can see animals coming from is crucial to know how they are moving and when to shoot. If possible, hunt near watercourses or trails so animals will pass by regularly.
  • Be aware of hunting areas that have been closed off because it is illegal.
  • Hunting turkey is not for you if you are looking to get as many shots at your game as possible, so stay focused and grab the deal in one shot. You can use bow sight t measure the distance between you and the deer to perfect your shot.

Safety precautions for bowhunting :

A hunting trip is never complete without following important safety precautions. When it comes to recurve bow hunting, here are some of the things you should know:

Hunting with recurve bow , safety precaution for bow hunting,
  • Always make sure your hunting equipment is in tip-top condition before leaving for hunting. Anything that might go wrong on the field must be fixed or replaced beforehand.
  • If hunting with a hunting partner, always tell them where you are. It is also essential that your hunting companion knows the signal for “I’m in trouble” if necessary.
  • When hunting with a hunting partner, always carry communication devices such as a radio or cell phone on you at all times in case of emergencies. This will allow your hunting companion to call for backup if necessary and prevent any issues from happening during the hunt.
  • Be familiarized with hunting laws in your area before carrying out any hunts. Doing so will ensure that you don’t break hunting rules and put yourself in danger.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings. While hunting, it is essential to know where the nearest exit point from the field is located, making sure not to get cornered by any potential predators on the hunting field.
  • When hunting, always carry a first aid kit with you and know how to use it properly. This will ensure that if there are any injuries during your hunting trip, they can quickly be taken care of immediately and efficiently, preventing further damage.
  • Before you go hunting, make sure that you have done all the necessary preparations, such as finding out the hunting area, hunting clothes, and other hunting tools you need.
  • Ensure that you have done all the required practices, such as finding out the hunting area, hunting clothes, and other hunting tools you need. Always wear your safety glasses while shooting from a recurve bow to protect yourself from injury caused by the string.
  • Hunting without any hunting clothes or shoes is not safe for you and makes hunting difficult. You need to consider all these things before stepping out of the house to hunt an animal.

Things to avoid While recurve bow hunting:

  • hunting during the wrong season
  • using cheap equipment that won’t last long or not enough to take down your prey!


A recurve bow is excellent for hunting. Archers use it for hunting birds, deer, big game, and small animals like rabbits and squirrels. Choosing the right size of bow will depend on what you’re planning to hunt with it; some hunting bows come in different draw weights that determine how powerful they are.

Moreover, you should always take safety precautions when hunting anything with a recurve bow. After this particular blog post, we hope that you get everything you need to enjoy hunting!


Recurve bow Hunting is quite Challenging and required allot of practice to be a master in it.

60 to 100 yards for target shooting and for hunting the effective range is 20 to 40 yards for an accurate shot, depends on the draw weight and archers strength

For Deer hunting, 40 lb is enough but if you want for a larger game like moose or elk so it Requires 50lb pounds Draw wight or more.

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